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  1. I found a broad adjustable shower stool at the thrift store, the front legs are set MUCH lower that the back, with my butt ending up at bat height. A little angle did not help much, but a real tilt forward means your lower back doesn't have to curl forward because your hips are already tilted that way. angle of hip , low back to thigh bone doesn't close up, stool does that for you. You are slanted forward but your back stays straight. I put a 2" memory foam cushion on it. $15.00
  2. I try to do the same shows and get the same location-booth spot each year. send e-mails with some pics of new work about a week before the show to people who bought from me before. Lots of personal attention to buyers needs at shows. a store location I send show attendees to for additional purchases after the show. I'm in a small area, there are many drawbacks to that as far a shows go, but people tend to remember me more since there are not many potters here. My work is sort of identifiable. People can pick mine out from shelves in stores.
  3. I would love to make Christmas candy with my mother.
  4. Darcy, I get you. And until recently, it's where I have been. I'm all about what sells and I can feel myself about to jump off that ship. No, it's not sinking, I know what to make , how to price it for my area and how to sell it. And that has been cool and paid all my studio set up bills and bought some flashy extra equipment to boot. BUT... I have been talking about turning things around for a while now, and I can feel me about to go to the studio in this lovely ,after the Holiday rush, period and make a pot load of " I'm not sure what this is or who will buy it" ! The biggest change I made this year was to not do my biggest Fall show and leave that prep time blank to see what might fill it. Guess this is what filled it! Sometimes to do something different, you first have to stop doing what you have been doing and have an empty space. .
  5. The Lowes near me carries concrete pouring tubes, not too spendy, that work well for me.
  6. That is the perfect answer, think I will borrow it next time I get that question. "It took me 12 years to get it this good, what more do you want!"
  7. What is spooze? great name!
  8. Yes to the fish oil. I use roll on DMSO on tired fingers and wrists, elbows when needed. VERY effective for me.
  9. I find that the first 1 or 2 pieces I throw at a sitting are not as good as what comes after I've warmed up. Those pieces go back to recycle before they have begun to dry. Having the pug mill has helped me do that more.
  10. That should not be happening unless you have some pre existing condition that is worsened by throwing. or you are REALLY old, like me. Clay is too hard. and you might need to monitor your time at the wheel until you figure out how to interrupt this cycle. I never sit down and throw for an hour, every 3rd piece, I have to get up and move the finished work across the studio to the drying shelves, I plan it that way. "No pain, no gain" is a fallacy.
  11. I made a bisque stamp of my signature. signed a block of plaster, pushed clay into the carving and bisque the clay. Make several, one will work better than the others. Do the carving of the plaster with dental tools . You can try the carving out as you work on it, just keep tweeking until it gives a clean line. works great. I did this outside the studio, to keep plaster dust from creeping into other things.
  12. I like Big Ceramics Store, for all the information, Clay King, for prices .
  13. Do they want the items to have their logo on them? If so, has to be wholesale, bought outright, because you can't do anything else with them if they don't sell. Also, design needs to be agreed on BEFORE you make them unless it's an item you already sell somewhere else. You don't want to make 2 dozen of something and take it in and have the store want to purchase 8 of their favorites and leave you holding the rest.
  14. Yes, I do. I use Mid South's Opulence enviro-colors because I don't have a recipe that gives their great satin feel. Also Amaco's Fake ash series, Pompeian, I think they call it.
  15. This is my first time to try matching sets of chili mugs and serving plates, oil bottles and garlic- evoo dishes, etc. I have a show this Sat. should I put all the oil bottles together Even though they are different colors,, all the big soup mugs together and all the garlic plates , so forth, or should I pair up the items and colors in sets? All of the items are in several different glazes. I also have a variety of serving pieces done in the same glaze combo, but many different sizes and shapes small to medium. All together by color? What looks the best? This is a new glazing approach for me. More planning. I have had booths with a color theme through out, but not matching items in sets and different color sets. Also have plenty of thing that don't match anything else, ie not sets.
  16. I would have glaze slung in a 4" circle around me!
  17. I will ask the friend that owns the store where I got mine who she orders from. She has drawers of many sixes. teeny to large. I don't know what size your #s mean, but her supplier will.
  18. I totally agree, as I hustle for this Sat. show! But , more often it is having a workshop in my studio. My students always inspire me.
  19. I get it! once I figure out which template makes the fit, I use that one to actually expand the already thrown inside neck. After this weekend show, I will get on this. As to the larger cork, I'm going to the craft store today to get bigger corks, so I could have them ready for when the purchased stopper was too small, , I cut away the too small cork, drill the center of the bigger cork and insert the metal pouring apparatus. THANK YOU GUYS!
  20. I will do that for next time throwing. Thanks. Do you have any ideas for how to get the too loose corks to work for the bottles I have now?
  21. I am trying to get pouring stoppers to fit the necks of oil bottles. The stoppers are from EZ pots, the ones with cork and metal pouring spouts inside , through the corks. The metal is a bit larger that the top of the cork. I love making the long necked bottles, and the one I get right sell quickly at the gallery. I use calipers and have the finished opening the size of the top of the stopper. Problem is, last throwing session, several ended up too tight and I had to shave the cork a bit to fit. I wanted to improve on that, so next session, I enlarged the opening just a bit. Oh No, not the best idea. This firing, I have the same amount that don't fit, but the stoppers are too small. The metal edge rests on the rim of the bottle, or in other words, the metal ring holds the cork part up too high for it to grip the opening. I don't have a clue how to get them to fit. Any ideas?
  22. Now THAT is a great idea. I'm doing it!
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