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    Galilica reacted to Mark C. in Glaze wrapped. please help!   
    Looks like a crawl to me
    Not sure what a wrapped is?-like a fruit wrap?
    Reasons may include
    to thick glaze
    dirty /dusty/oily bisque ware which can effect adhesion to clay
    My guess is to thick-rutile bases are somewhat troublesome anyway.
    Next time thin glaze 1st or wet pot
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    Galilica reacted to Chris Campbell in what is the best studio advice you have received?   
    Funny this should come up this morning as I have been thinking about the forum as I did other chores ... reflecting on how well this forum has worked out. We do have a place where newbie questions are answered with respectfully presented information. None of the "Why don't you check the archives first" stuff that is often seen on other forums.
    When I was on the Board of the Potters Council, we saw the need for a "newbie friendly" forum and thanks to ACerS and the Potters Council this is what became of the idea. Biggest thanks to ALL of the people who ask and answer questions. We are slowly but surely building up a base of experienced potters who are not necessarily 'Names' but have years and years of solid, on the ground experience to share. Slowly but surely lurkers are coming out with their first posting to ask or answer a question. Subjects that would have flamed other forums to a standstill have been dealt with easily and openly without harsh words.
    I hope I never get tired of answering questions ... the only reason I am where I am in pottery is because other people took the time to answer mine. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask because you are afraid to, or don't want to look clueless or whatever.
    So here is where I welcome lurkers to post, newbies to ask and all to answer. The WELCOME mat is always out.
    Oh yes, on topic ... the best advice I ever got on any subject was to ask the question.
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