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    traditional pottery from the 18t and early 19th century
  1. I use ^6 soft brown stoneware. can I paint a motif on a bowl with red iron oxide and go over it with clear glaze and it still show through or will it blend in and not show up? A friend wants an Iroquois motif on the side and I thought if that worked it would look good. still learning and having a blast, thank you all for your wealth of knowledge
  2. Is 35% a fair charge at a consignment shop?
  3. you just answered all my questions. thank you
  4. thanks Neil. Skutt is what I'm leaning toward
  5. Has anyone used an Axner pottery wheel? Wondering about the quality and durability of one. The price is reasonable but I am looking for quality and durability so if I have to spend a little more $ I will but just trying to be frugal. Thanks for any input and I so enjoy this forum.
  6. Has anyone thought of attaching a vent system to one of the peep holes rather then drilling holes in the bottom or the side of the kiln? I am a welder by trade and can fabricate what I think may work to attach it to the kiln but not sure if I would be creating problem rather then an easy vent system.
  7. Can anyone recommend some books on 18th ,19th century functional pottery. I am wanting to throw some historically correct mugs, bowls, pitchers, etc.
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