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  1. Thank you everyone. I will give it a try and get back.
  2. Hello Everyone, well I have one particular kiln shelf where the kiln wash will not stick to it. The recipe I use is 2 EPK, 2 Flint, 1 Alumina hydrate. On my other shelves this recipe works fine except for this one. I have to rewash it every time because it flakes off. I have scrapped off all the remaining in between each wash and placed two layers on each time. Any suggestions on what might be causing this? Thank you Gavin www.finefieldpottery.com
  3. Working hard for the money.

  4. Hello Everyone, I am in Illinois and have access to clay in a creek. The clay is certainly earthenware and fires nicely as terra cotta, however, I would like to take it to stoneware temps without it slumping and boiling alive in the kiln. I have had success adding fire clay to the body along with silica sand but the sand eats my hands alive. I would like to switch to silica flour (flint) but am not sure what mesh (200 or 325) and how much. Any suggestions out there? The clay is very high in iron if that helps. Thanks.
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