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  1. I just took a large bowl out of the kiln from its bisque firing and discovered a small crack that runs about 2 inches from the rim down. Is there a way to repair bisque before glazing -- or is it a lost cause? I know the glaze will fuse the crack, but I think it will still be noticeable.

    The bowl is made from cone 6 stoneware, that was bisqued to cone 04.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



    You could try making a little bit of paper clay to fill in the crack..... a little of your clay body + some wet toilet paper (30%-50%), throw it in a blender. After it dries see if you need to add more into the crack, dry again, sand to fit the curve of the rim. Glaze, fire. If you already have paper clay of the ^6, it would work too. Best of luck,





  2. since I am not only a 62-year-old potter, but also have been a nurse since '67, I , too, have back issues.

    when I (re) injured my back last January I could find no relief from my chiroprator & massage tx, I researched online and found

    "losethebackpain.com".......it has helped me tons! Worth checking out IMHO.

    With the usual disclaimers, ie: I get nothing out of provididng this info.


    Be Well,



  3. Hi Tom,

    In my experience grinding high-fired clay is pretty futile, requiring diamond/carbide drill bits, and pretty inacurrate, and,yes a health hazard. Any holes for hanging can easily be made when leather hard. Have you done shrinkageg tests on your clay body? This could help you to determine the size of your rabbet, and you could make it with some leeway and then fill it in with some sort of caulking...

    Good Luck,






    Hi, all ==


    My first post here. I'm an aspiring sculptor drawn to ceramic/clay because of its versatility.


    I would like to know if there are accepted (and safe) methods for drilling into stoneware that is already high fired (cone 10). I'd also like to know if there is a method for grinding straight, flat edges into fully fired stoneware objects.


    I have wood working experience, where drill press and table saw solve these problems easily. But clay shrinkage and the potential for airborne silica make ceramic solutions more challenging.


    EXAMPLE illustrating what I want to do:

    Imagine a picture frame made of fired stoneware, into which I will set a mirror from behind. a) I want to create an accurate rabbet, a ledge or channel cut into the back side of the frame to accommodate a precut mirrored glass (I imagine a grinding operation would form the rabbet). I also want to drill accurately-sized holes into the back of the frame for inserting hanging apparatus.


    I realize I could cut the mirrored glass after firing the clay, so the glass would accommodate the post-shrinkage size of the frame opening. But I have other projects in mind that will need to be resized accurately, and with particularly straight edges. I also envision the need for holes of accurate diameter, which to my mind, involves drilling after final firing.


    Any advice is much appreciated,



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