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  1. I just took a large bowl out of the kiln from its bisque firing and discovered a small crack that runs about 2 inches from the rim down. Is there a way to repair bisque before glazing -- or is it a lost cause? I know the glaze will fuse the crack, but I think it will still be noticeable.

    The bowl is made from cone 6 stoneware, that was bisqued to cone 04.

    Thanks for any suggestions.



    You could try making a little bit of paper clay to fill in the crack..... a little of your clay body + some wet toilet paper (30%-50%), throw it in a blender. After it dries see if you need to add more into the crack, dry again, sand to fit the curve of the rim. Glaze, fire. If you already have paper clay of the ^6, it would work too. Best of luck,





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