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  1. Thanks all! When I get in to the studio tomorrow I will check the kiln for any present offset settings, then I will call Olympic for advice. It still seems counter-intuitive to me to have to use some sort of off set programming... It is like you are making up for the failing of the kiln, better to solve the root problem? Anyway, in the long and the short, this kiln cost me $75 and a weekend of camping. It has lasted over 40 firings strong. If Olympic can't help me, then I will find another option! Thanks to all who chipped in!
  2. Marcia, For my glaze firings I fire to cone 5 and program in a 15 minute soak, for bisque I do not program a soak. Even with the soak, the clay is not vitrified. I hate to raise the cone in the program in a glaze firing because my clay is very susceptible to bloating above cone 5. Cavy, Mine is Betsy! :-)
  3. Hello All! I am having an issue with my kiln and I would love some sage advice. I haven't always used witnes cones (I know, I know) but I started noticing that my clay body was not reaching vitrification despite my kiln reporting a successful firing. I use Standard 266 Dark Brown so it's obvious to see when the color has not deepened enough. My first thought was the thermocouple and I replaced that but I am still having the issue. According to the witness cones I have been using for the past five firings the kiln has been firing 2 cones low. (all bisque to 04 since I don't trust this ki
  4. Hello All! I have a friend who is looking to make an engagement ring. He has asked if I could fire it in my kiln. He would be making it out of gold PMC which I gather fires at 1290 degrees for an hour and a half or so. I have absolutely no experience with precious metal clay. Can you fire it in a Skutt 1027-3? Just seeing if anyone has any helpful words of wisdom! Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I have a firing problem and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a Skutt KS 1027-3 that is probably 15 yrs old. (I work in a school environment) It has a kiln sitter (LT-3 or LT-3K, I am not in the studio and can't remember!) During the last two bisque firings (I have not tried a glaze firing in this kiln recently) the kiln has overheated, going well beyond 05 - probably more into the 6 range! Bisque pieces are coming out well vitrified, we use a mid-range clay and the pieces have a sheen on the surface in spots. The kiln sitter bar melted and the kiln did not trip. The first
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