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  1. I have a couple of buckets of unknown glaze materials. When I test fired them I got a very dry underfired result. Then I set about adding various materials, looking for what would make it fusible, something like a glaze. Testing systematically, I have added every material I have at hand and in combinations, such as, silica, feldspar, talc, whiting, gerstley borate, china clay, alumina, nepheline syenite, borax, rutile, and so on, at various quantities 10, 20 %. I can not get much of a change, and it has got me beat. Surely something has to give. Of course maybe if I added something at 50
  2. Wax resist aint what it used to be. When I asked the supplier about getting the wax resist we used to have, not this sticky waxy stuff, they just said this is all that is available. But I remebered it being much different. This stuff now sold as wax resist in pottery shops doesn't seem to really have any good use, and I wonder what it is good for, but maybe I am wrong. I have mostly not bothered with this step, and resorted to just wiping the glaze away. However the other day I could see I needed to apply two large areas of different glaze on some plates, so I thought about using a resist
  3. I am sorry to report I am getting feedback indicating some problem with downloading the app from iTunes. It is particularly a problem for people who update an earlier version and end up with a flawed version.
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  5. The free app, Potters Dictionary, is now updated on iTunes; https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/potters-dictionary/id675112344?ls=1&mt=8
  6. The Potters Dictionary file is an .apk file and is for an Android App. If you downloaded to a PC, Desktop computer etc, it doesn't open. You have to move the file to your Android Device. You could do this with wifi, or using a USB cable from the device to the PC. The best way is to access the link direct from your Android Device. Use your email account in the device, or find the web page with the device. You can also access the app from Google Play. If you have an iPod, iPhone, unfortunately the update is not yet available on iTunes. The outdated version on iTunes is flawed. Peter
  7. Free Potters Dictionary App For English To Japanese. touki jisho - Potters Dictionary If this interests anyone, I have updated the app, touki jisho, a dictionary of Japanese vocabulary for potters. The link is for Android users and there is a web page version. Anyone who may have recently downloaded would have noticed some flaws in the platform, and so should update their app. http://apps.appmakr.com/potters_dictionary Please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks, Peter Stephens peter_stephens@yahoo.com
  8. Hi, I thought you might be interested in this great app. It's free. It is a dictionary for potters and ceramicists to look up the Japanese words in common use in Pottery and Ceramics. It will work on any Android phone as a native app, or in your browser as an HTML5 app on other Smartphones. You can install it here: http://theapp.mobi/potters_dictionary (note: you may need to enable third-party app installation in the 'settings' of your device) Open iTunes to download for apps on Apple. https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/potters-dictionary/id675112344?mt=8
  9. For anyone interested in a free app, potters dictionary - touki jisho, showing Japanese vocabulary for potters and students of ceramic art and craft, here are the links; For iPhones, iPod, etc, Apple iTunes Store, AppStore > Education and then alphabetical, potters dictionary. https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/potters-dictionary/id675112344?mt=8 For Android or web page. http://theapp.mobi/potters_dictionary Regards
  10. Apologies to everyone . The app, touki jisho, a Japanese vocabulary for potters, is not showing the Kanji or kana. The host service has run into a problem and say they are working on it. The Japanese characters show as strange symbols. It doesn't look good. You can still read the romaji which uses English characters. Sorry about this, Peter.
  11. English to Japanese Pottery dictionary. For anyone interested in the Japanese vocabulary for pottery use, and want a FREE English to Japanese dictionary for potters, there is an app, Touki Jisho (pottery dictionary). For iphone, ipad, ipodtouch, connect for a web app, that is, it is used via internet connection like a web page; the link is; http://appsbar.mobi/95e13e. For android devices, phones, you can download the app and instal direct, for free; http://market.android.com/details?id=com.appsbar.toukijisho177473 You may like to make corrections and suggestions.
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