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  1. Susan, I agree try goodwill or salvation army for a table. I have used plastic table cloths for 20 plus years they usually last for a couple of months and are cheep enough to replace. Depending on the table you can get clips that attach the top to the table just by slipping them on for "Coleman camping supplies found in wall mart, sporting goods suppliers. gander mt. , cabalas, ect.... If that does not fit the bill some scrap pieces of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 inch plywood in probably 1 in. widths, tuck the table cloth in between and screw to the bottom watch the length of the screw so that it does not come through the top face, eg. 3/4 in. top with a 1/4 in scrap = 1 in. use a 3/4 in. screw. Good luck jbcpottery
  2. Penny , I agree with TRJ "youtube" will provide you with many people to watch try typing 'begining throwing' in the serch engine. Good luck. jbcpottery
  3. Val, View John Britt on 'you-tube' he provides a very good explanation for your questions as was suggested by jlawson. It was posted in Dec. 2012. Good luck. John
  4. I was taught to stick a thumb tack in the bottom and if it hit the wheel head that was the right thickness.
  5. clayking.com for a great deal on a shimpo 30inch slab roller. Find a local wood shop to make your work tables. Good luck
  6. It's a paragon 'High Fire' and it will go from 2165 to 1500 (app.) in 1 hour.
  7. Thanks John that was the first thing I did.
  8. thanks Mark I kept thinking about it and yes I saw more cement and more cement and ect., you know I had a mouse problem so I got a cat!!! Lucille, The next two firings went fine because I controled the cool down with my kiln master. I was hoping to find a way to seal the lid so I could cut the cost and retain the heat. This is an old, like me, kiln. I checked the fit when it was cold and it was tight. when I saw the orange-yellow it was 360 on the lid. I checked the band on the lid and it was tight. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for either agreement with my solution or alteritives . I have a small Paragon kiln, cone 10. I only fire it to cone 6. I receintly fired it to 6 and when i open it I had alot of dunnting, cracking. I thought this was caused for a new glaze that I was trying out. The lost work was only testers so not so bad. I fired it again with another load and this time when the firing was finished I happened to turn out the lights and turned to look at the kiln and saw this orange band running around the room. I quickly adjusted a ramp/hold program for a slower cool down. Ok there is the breif history. I just finished another glaze firing and said to myself I need to fix this. I have some 1/8" fiber blanket which I thought that I could cut it to fit around the top of the walls and cement it in place with a refractory patching cement that I have. I will fire TO C 6 ONE MORE TIME AND THEN cement the top of the blanket. What do you think of this plan? John ( a new member)
  10. johnb

    Ceramic lamps 2013

    Ceramic bases and shade with stained glass inserts
  11. johnb

    New Work Fall 2013

    Lamps and shades with stained glass inserts
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