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  1. I wasn't familiar with the term "Jake".  I just thought all males were "Toms".

    We have quite a few turkeys around, where I live too.  I'll see a flock (rafter) in the harvested fields.  The city nearby has issues with them just wandering into the busy streets.  They honestly don't care about the cars.

  2. The rims are definitely thinned.  The two bowls, aren't too bad, in terms of thickness, but the mugs...


    Babs, I still do like the glaze.  It's one thing, that I can't do now, since I don't have access to a reduction kiln.  I love the smokey, neutral effects it provides.  


    I should note, I posted these in response to the "Do you still have the first thing you ever made" topic.  So, these are from college, well over fifteen years ago.

  3. Bob, the whole spear is indeed clay. It is removable, I had it in place for the sake of the photo. Currently, it is laying next to the sculpture, and will be fired separate, at least for the bisque.

    Initially I was going to slip it in place, or glaze it in place later, but being as it is easily breakable, I figure, by not attaching them, I can always make another later, if the first is broken.

  4. I honestly don't mind the outside.  The color, is as it should be, though there is more texture than I'd like.  I attribute that, to the glaze cooling too quick in the pumpkin.

    For the other two, the bright color on the inside, with the dull outside was intentional.  I was going for a compromise between the look of traditional Japanese Rakuware, and the American style.


    What do you mean by weight of the clay? 

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