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  1. Random thought, what would happen, if a Raku piece were put in a container of cooking oil as a means of reduction?...

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Benz, I mentioned the gloves because such action doesn't scare me. I feel in control. But hot oil scares me. too risky.


    3. Babs


      let that random thought just pass, do not pay attention to it!

      Stick to pumpkins, could put some interesting things in to the hollow pumpkin.NOT oil..

    4. terrim8


      I guess its the fact that the substance is a fluid so it ups the danger issue- burning oil was a weapon in medieval times, napalm in more recent times- they all stick to you, and burn. you'll have to talk to a blacksmith about quenching & see how they do it (dip & run?)

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