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  1. I have a large-14" diameter earthenware plate that pings at least once or twice a day. It was bisqued at ^04, glazed with white majolica and overglaze, glaze fired to ^06. It is less than 1/2" thick. It was fired last December and has been pinging ever since. I have leaning against a wall with a plate rail under it. My questions are - Will I wake up one morning to find it in pieces? Will the glaze pop off of it? If I refire to ^04 do you think that will stop the pinging? Thanks mnnaj
  2. I've used rice in a stocking to press in, but not leave in, textures. I also press in fabric, earrings, stamps, buttons, almost anything. mnnaj
  3. The "wheels" look like two thicknesses of drywall, how do you get the mold in without breaking them? Thanks
  4. I'm in a university setting, there are 15 of us in a tiny room. I made sure I was back to the wall facing the rest of the class, I too am uneasy unless I can see who is coming.
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