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  1. I can let you know from my experience in just trying to do some blending(another color overlap a color) you will be very light headed trying to use an atomizer to cover clear glaze. I am serious. Even with a hand sprayer, hand will get sore and the sprayer will clog unless you have found something spectacular and will spray out equally each spray, it can clog, clump be uneven. Yes speaking from experience. try it and test it. that is the best way to see if you get the covered you expect or you might get a big great surprise.
  2. thanks, looks like it can do the job we need. cool thanks Bob.
  3. Thanks Rebbylicous- i am up to speed on sprayers. looking for input on compressors. thanks so much!
  4. I am looking for a compressor not the sprayer attachment. I am pretty set on what I like there.
  5. what amount of pressure does it need to produce?. What 2 dials are you referring to?
  6. can anyone recommend a compressor for spraying glazes. a smaller size and less expensive. thanks yawl
  7. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive compressor that is also on the smaller size. One that has enough pressure to get it done too. Thanks for the help & sharing Julie
  8. thanks Deanna! I will ck it out. where is Atlanta Clay located in ATl? I am moving there soon...looking for work www.workinclay.com
  9. thanks Mickey. as i have been working on it, I am finding the right dryness seems to be key. I am not getting the slip to come off like curls, ( i thot it might by the looks of the dryness) must have been TOO dry. timing is everything thanks again
  10. That link was in your reply.
  11. ok, using a slip. Can anyone let me know what they are finding the best way to remove slip after filling in . that doesn't leave color residue on white clay surface. Thanks. looking for tips on this process.
  12. Marcia, I am not understanding your reply. How do I get into American Potters to view.
  13. wonder if slip needs to be used for mishima or just oxides works well. thanks for replies
  14. do you need to make a hole in the wall for this vent to attach to get air out?
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