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  1. Yoshi Fujii Seductive Elegance: Clay Carving Techniques This 2-day participation workshop will introduce students to surface embellishment through carving the leather-hard surface. Yoshi will demonstrate using the potter’s wheel to create functional objects (simple cup & bowl forms) to serve as a collection point for visual inspiration. Students will explore the elegant quality of porcelain and seductive beauty possible through hand-carved lines, patterns and motifs and slip trailing to create visual and physical depth for tactile communication. Previous clay experience is req
  2. Shawna Pincus The Graphic Pot: Screen-printing on Clay Are you interested in adding designs, drawings, patterns, and more to your beautiful pots? In this class we will explore accessible techniques for screen-printing a variety of imagery onto the clay surface. Together we will explore forms that work best as printing surfaces, printing on both the flat slab and the round vessel. Wheel throwers and hand builders are welcome but some clay experience is required. Participants will have a chance to work with screens and stencils provided or purchase their own through recommended sites.
  3. Misty Gamble: Focus on the Face Misty Gamble will direct this two-day, hands-on ceramic sculpture workshop. Students will learn basic anatomical construction and proportion of the face, including facial features and hair. The participants will create a life size mask that operates as a vehicle for telling a story with a personal meaning. Participants will learn approaches to both academic/idealized and expressive facial construction. The focus of the workshop will not be on anatomical ‘correctness’, but rather on gesture, proportion. Misty will lead discussions on where ideas come from,
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