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  1. This is my recipe for coloured slip. Ball clay powder 35 parts;Kaolin powder 25 parts; Potash Feldspar 20 parts; silica 15 parts. I mix this into water (guesstimate amount), then when it has 'slaked down", i sieve it, and then it can settle so that extra water can be skimmed off so that the consistency is as you want it. I end up with a largish amount of slip, which I then decant into separate containers, and i mix different coloured underglaze powders into the different containers. I use this for painting on leather-hard ware. I have used it for banding onto the pot while it is still on
  2. Dear Marge, Yes, absolutely. The sieving part is really important. I forgot to mention that. Nelly
  3. Really like the handles..when i grow up i want to be able to pull handles like this!
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