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  1. well, I travelled from South Africa to Rhode Island, NCECA, where i was introduced to you, Evelyne. Nice to see faces that I have read about.
  2. we lived on a farm, and the cattle walked past my studio on the way to be dipped. One day a bull calf went a bit off-course, and chased my cat thro my studio. I just stood and watched, aghast, and between them they did not break a thing. Bull in a china shop came to mind. Nowadays i only have frogs that croak loudly.
  3. 34'C in Eastern Cape, South Africa...so humid, muggy..the mosquitos are having a party in my studio, so cant go there. February gets worse..difficult to enjoy the pot-making, till March.
  4. This is my recipe for coloured slip. Ball clay powder 35 parts;Kaolin powder 25 parts; Potash Feldspar 20 parts; silica 15 parts. I mix this into water (guesstimate amount), then when it has 'slaked down", i sieve it, and then it can settle so that extra water can be skimmed off so that the consistency is as you want it. I end up with a largish amount of slip, which I then decant into separate containers, and i mix different coloured underglaze powders into the different containers. I use this for painting on leather-hard ware. I have used it for banding onto the pot while it is still on the wheel, but you tend to contaminate the colours, as with each brushstroke, you are putting some of yr thrown clay into the slip bottle. This can also be put into little squeezee bottles for slip trailing. You will get used to what different consistencies you need for the different applications. In the beginning, I followed the recipe exactly, now I just use an approximation.
  5. Dear Marge, Yes, absolutely. The sieving part is really important. I forgot to mention that. Nelly
  6. Glad to hear that the film appealed to you. We in South Africa are all very proud that South African people played such a large part in bringing Rodrigues to the attention of the rest of the world. We are all still amazed, that an artist like him, could go unnoticed, in the rest of the world, while he has been a household name here since the 1980's. And just to bring the post back to pottery...my students and I played his music very loud, and sang along, for our last pottery lesson. I was astounded that they all knew every word, of every song.
  7. Had coffee with potter friend, using mug from another accomplished potter. For the first time, after 35 years of holding mine, and other potters coffee mugs, I really SAW and FELT the handle. It was the most comfortable, best designed handle i have ever held. It was a pleasure, and my friend and I had a long discussion about this handle. Came home, where i had a lot of mugs lined up, waiting for handles, so I tried to un-learn what I knew, and re-teach myself. Maybe about 10% will be successful. I think the milestone was waking up, and being aware, and trying to be more aware in what i do.
  8. I make small tiles (5 cm sq). I roll out a sheet of clay, mark out the clay into as many tiles will fit on it, and i do not cut thro' the clay - i cut about 1/3 of the way thro, and let the tiles dry, in a whole sheet. When the clay is quite hard, i just snap them apart (gently). Because all the corners of each tile were joined to each other, during the drying process, they cannot lift up. But, i am going to try Chris's method with larger tiles
  9. thanks for video..i have commented elsewhere on your lovely handles...just one complaint..I find the music distracting. Am I just old and grumpy?
  10. Really like the handles..when i grow up i want to be able to pull handles like this!
  11. I have been doing pottery for the last 35 years, and the only way to start, is to start! We had no money then, and I just got every book out of the library, over and over again, and taught myself. My first wheel was made by my farmer husband, out of an old tractor differential. (Not too successful, as we didnt realise it had to spin the opposite way), but wheel no2 was made out of an old spindle type washing machine. I still have it, for sentimental reasons. Keep going..your enthusiam will get you far.
  12. Hallo Marci...first time i have been able to get connected. Very interesting - food for thought. Thanks
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