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  1. Krista, Have you checked the set screws that lock down the wheelhead to the gearbox shaft? Looking a the video from underneath the splashpan, I could see the set screw sticking quite a ways out from the coupler. Normally set screws don't stick out very far if at all. Also, check if the wheelhead is loose on the shaft by grabbing it and see if it can be rocked at all or twisted (spun) on the shaft. Dan
  2. My first experience with clay goes back to 5th grade. Our teacher brought in a potters wheel and let each of us have a turn. I had a fairly decent looking little ashtray in the making until I tried getting overly elaborate - something a beginner with zero knowledge should do... I ended up a hollowed out mess of very wet clay, but my mother loved it (as only a mother could). Now jump ahead almost 40 years... The local college offed a continuing education class in ceramics, so I took that (a couple of times) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Instructor was a little surprised to find that I already had kilns. The thought of ceramics has always been lingering in my mind and I have picked up a couple of used kilns as I ran across them (I think I have 8, in various sizes). Since then, I have retired from the military and was just a few hours shy of getting my BS in Electronics management and had to go back to college to get the last classes in. Since I still hadn't used my GI Bill, I thought I might as well go for a second degree. And lo and behold, I could get a Studio art degree in ceramics! So now I'm in school under the tutelage of Estaban Apodaca learning all I can about ceramics. Might as well toss in the couple of other classes I need to get the first degree, but I'm already in the process of buying a place for a studio/gallery, so I think the first degree will never see the light of day other than to hang on the wall... Still have three semesters before I graduate, but should have the studio all set up by then. Wish me luck!
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