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  1. I also had back surgery. Microdiscetomy on L5. I find raising the wheel and a "doctor's" stool works good. I can adjust it quickly once I detect pain. Also I have been using a Teeter inversion device for months and it really helps. It's not a machine, since there's no engine but it is great. If I feel my hip or calf or heel start to hurt I hang upside down and most of the time the pain goes away. But it's critical to keep the core exercises going as well. I really value all of you, spending your energies helping others. Your love for your craft is something I would like to have.
  2. Dilettante between stained glass and clay

  3. I have been having trouble with pots exploding in the kiln lately during bisque firing. This is a new kiln to me, my first ceramic kiln with electric controller. I'm used to a kiln sitter in ,my old shop. also, glazes are acting strange I suspect too fast cooling, but don't know what settings to use. This is mid fire cone 6 clay and potters choice glaze. what's made me bring this up is that I have the Orton kiln vent on the old and new kilns, so I hadn't thought that was a factor. But now I do. Should I shut off the vent during cooling phase?
  4. I have a kick wheel I no longer use. It takes up a lot of space,but works great. It's a home built wheel that I bought several years ago from its builder in NY. he was an art school grad so knew what he was doing functionally with the design, but it is not pretty. A lot of 2 X 8 boards and bits and pieces, with carriage bolts to hold it together. I upgraded the seat, though. He was over 6 feet tall and my short legs wouldn't reach. so I took apart an office chair and mounted it on the frame. My knees can't do it any more so I got an electric wheel. It is in Delaware. I would give it to a new home, but it would have to be picked up. Also, when I took it apart I took photos at each stage, thinking they could be used to reassemble it. If nothing else the aluminum flywheel and wheel head are in excellent condition, very straight shaft and well balanced. I've been meaning to list it on Craig's but haven't yet. T hen I saw your plea!
  5. How did you get the raised effect? Was it pressing or digging
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