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  1. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Love doing this Adam Field style carving - very therapeutic! Have designed similar patterns of my own for future pieces.
  2. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    First prototype! 130 requested for my niece's wedding in August. White earthenware cut from thin (1/8") slab, textured with lace, hole cut them shaped by drying in a cardboard apple tray. Grey stroke'n'coat. Final versions have heart-shaped hole fir the name tags. 130 made and bisqued. Waiting for the names to start on tags and need to get on with glazing!
  3. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Semi porcelain bowl altered edge. Carved when leather hard, airbrush-sprayed with dilute wash of copper and cobalt oxides before bisque.btransoarent glaze over.
  4. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    White earthenware bowl. Carved when leather hard. Grey underglaze painted into lines and scraped back to neaten. Transparent glaze.
  5. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Inspired by visit to Jen McCurdy's studio 3 years ago. Very modest attempts at modifying a bowl in her style! Lots of time and effort into these 5" bowls.
  6. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    White earthenware bowl with carved edge and incised holes. Copper oxide wash dotted on before bisque. Transparent glaze over.
  7. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Semi porcelain. Pinched edge and added pieces then washed with copper and cobalt before bisque. Transparent glaze over. Inspired by fungi and lichen growing off the side of trees.
  8. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Made for a friend to go with the fabric of a chair. White earthenware. Used paper triangles as resist then various underglazes before the bisque firing. Transparent glaze.
  9. Celia UK


    From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    White earthenware. Underglaze and Japanese tissue transfers used over negative cut stencil. Waiting to be glazed.
  10. From the album: Playing with mud 2016

    Small white earthenware creamer decorated with Japanese tissue transfer over a negative transfer test I cut on my silhouette cutter. Not glazed yet. Blue and white with a modern twist.
  11. Not much in the way of skunks in the UK to my knowledge. And what are critters?
  12. Losing little bits of chamois ...I can empathise with that! Finding it in your reclaimed clay when throwing comes as a bit of a shock!!! Solution I got from a fellow potter, was to clamp one end under the lid of a small plastic film canister. The canister floats in your throwing water and the whole thing can hang on the edge of a tub or jug other whatever.
  13. I've had similar colour from white clay slip + black stain. I'll watch the replies with interest!
  14. Ditto the high gloss finish. Also no expert, just a gut reaction. Well done! Academic exercise rather than going into the counterfeit business I presume!
  15. Lace doily slump bowl. More effective than this one if glazed with transparent + oxide / stain.
  16. I'm just amazed by the quantity of work you turn out Mark - awesome!
  17. What stops me getting in - after a firing has been unsuccessful, I'm reluctant to put myself through all that again! What stops me leaving - ...just need to tidy this piece up a bit more, one more wipe, smoothing, touch up, bit more turned away...
  18. Diesel - re slip thickness did you mean >1/4" (more than 1/4") or <1/4" - less than 1/4"? Am assuming from the context of the sentence you meant less than - slip of the finger?
  19. 2" deep will definitely make for a heavy slab. I've found 3/4" works well. IF you decide to turn it out and do the clean up I suggest using a bucket, (taller than your plastic box) stood inside on the plaster, which will take the weight of the plaster when you flip it over to remove the slab and clean up - It might need more than one pair of hands! If you decide not to bother, you could just give it a good wash out, in situ, perhaps use a small stuff brush around the edges to dislodge any small crumbles and then tip them out with the water. I have 3 damp boxes like this - love them!
  20. More and more complicated Marcia, but thank you for the reference anyhow. Not sure if there are any generalisations to draw from this, as it's Mason stains? Especially as my stains are supplied without branding, in the suppliers' bags. I presume they buy in bulk and decant. And I need to look at the clay ingredients too? It sometimes seems like there's a great conspiracy going on somewhere out there, to deter hobby potters! I've tried not to go completely down the 'premixed branded glaze' route as it feels a bit formulaic (but with more predictable results!), I've done test tiles, adding stains to transparent glaze, mixed coloured slips etc. but testing for every possible combination of materials sounds like months of work. I think I need a bit of space to think it all through before going any further.
  21. Stains are very versatile I've added them to transparent glazes with great success, but haven't airbrushed them. I do airbrush oxide washes, and will try the stains in this way now as well. Someone reading this thread may also be able to answer my related query ... I've recently added a lime green stain to my throwing slip and brushed it on over a stencil. It was a semi-porcelain earthenware, very smooth and looked great after bisque firing to 1100oC. I poured a transparent glaze and fired to 1200o (cone 51/2). On the underside of the bowl (no slip) the transparent was fine, but over the stained slip it crawled terribly. The same did not happen with a black stain - same clay, same firings. I know it might have been thicker on the inside, but not overly thick by any means. I lightly sponged the bowls before glazing, so no dust etc. could it be something to do with the incompatibility of the green stain and the glaze? Or what else?
  22. DO you take the foot out of the plaster before pouring in the slip??My thoughts too Babs! Made me chuckle, picturing the baby with its foot in the plaster for several days!
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