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  1. From the album: Celia's Efforts

    Homemade stencil from abstracted landscape sketch - France 2013 Thrown White earthenware, brushed on glaze on stencil, transparent glaze dipped. 5 1/2" diameter.
  2. From the album: Celia's Efforts

    Tried Peter Warren technique. Thrown White earthenware, transparent glaze over underglazes. 8" diameter.
  3. From the album: Celia's Efforts

    Thrown White earthenware. Copper oxide under transparent glaze. 6 1/2" diameter.
  4. From the album: Celia's Efforts

    Thrown and altered White earthenware. Underglazes & transparent glaze. Exterior unglazed. 5" tall.
  5. "My fourth grade nun squashed any artistic ability I may have had." - 123pop The church has a lot to answer for!!! My husband (left handed) was 'forced' to use his right hand at his Catholic primary school! He now writes right handed, draws/paints left handed, was a right handed cricket batsman, but left handed bowler, ambidextrous squash player - very confusing if you're the opponent! And now a right handed golfer who wonders if he should have started playing left handed! (every golfer needs an excuse!) You could say it's done him a favour, but it's pretty devastating for a 5 year old
  6. Thanks bny - I like the look of these but they're quite pricey, especially with the addition of shipping costs. However this made me do some price comparisons and the US supplier comes out much cheaper. Quality may be an issue, but for a first try I think they're worth going for. I can find nothing in the UK. No doubt someone will post a local supplier the minute I've placed an overseas order!
  7. Anyone know of a UK supplier for these - would love to use them?
  8. I've recently bought a bag of alphabet pasta to press into greenware. It will burn out in the bisque fire, and I will then brush with stain/ underglaze and wipe back. I may do a second bisque fire to fix, so that I can dip without contaminating my glaze bucket. Otherwise I'll carefully brush the glaze over. Have spent hours sorting the letters into a compartmentalised box so that I can find the letters when I need them - a bit tedious, but somehow therapeutic at the same time .
  9. That's really surprising Maryjane - applied to bisque and refired to cone 06 these are all fixed on my white earthenware. I had to scrub a textured area really hard with sand paper then a stiff brush, this morning, to remove just a little manganese dioxide where it was heavier than I wanted. I can then dip without any contaminating the bucket of glaze. I wonder why there's a difference between applying it to greenware and bisque? Perhaps some of the chemists out there have the answer. I had a call this morning from a local professional potter working with earthenware who said cone 016 (750 oC
  10. Thanks Babs and Rebel Rocker - helpful suggestions all round! I've gone for 1000oC re-bisque this time as I know it's worked in the past. Good tip on spray starch Babs, I'll get some in in case I need to do this sometime in the future! Happy potting everyone.
  11. Thanks for all the info, just one question not yet answered for me. If I spray oxide on to bisque and want to refire to fix it before glazing - what temperature will fix it? In the future I think I'll spray on to greenware, but currently I have a few pieces already bisqued & don't want the oxide to move at all.
  12. I made a small stamp of my 3 initials, carved into the end of a coil of clay - about 6mm diameter. It took several attempts to get it right - first time I got it in reverse! Then there was one piece that kept falling out and spoiling the letters! I carved back the space around the letters, leaving them standing proud, which are then an impression, when I stamp my pots.
  13. Got it! Thanks Babs for taking the time to explain in words of one syllable, for me.
  14. Thanks Babs - I know that the gallery is the little rim inside the top edge of e.g. a teapot, but which part is the flange?
  15. Naive question I know, but do you have any pics that show the difference? I've heard both terms, but not absolutely clear. Thank you!
  16. If you just want to look at them, then fine. For any practical use, they'd be pretty fragile - almost certainly break if dropped on a hard surface, easily chipped if knocked with something hard.
  17. I must say that installing the digital controller was rather liberating for me. I'll look up Rowena Brown tomorrow. Despite being very pedantic about spelling and punctuation (former teacher!) I wouldn't dream of commenting on Americanisms in this forum!
  18. My 40litre manual top loader has a kiln-sitter which served me fine for bisque firing, just by setting the control knob on a low number for the first couple of hours. As I use this for glaze firing also, it was not as controllable as I need, so I've invested in a digital controller, even though it cost as much as the kiln (second hand)! You still get a level of control with a manual kiln with kiln sitter so I guess that would do just fine if you're just bisquing. Others more experienced than me may think otherwise - I'm not certain how critical the ramping is for bisque firing, other than
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