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    Playing in clay and knitting.
  1. This thread caught my eye and made me giggle (for the right reasons, Mark). #1 giggle is because my ex once told me that fishing lures are made to catch fishermen first. #2 giggle is because I have several pairs of fishing lure earrings. #3 as a girl who likes to fish, I have been known to only have pretty lures in my tacklebox and what could be prettier than pottery lures! @Neil - how awesome that a customer 'shared' his catch with you!
  2. As a beginning potter, this is a question that I have been working with for a while now and I have learned that it can be sometimes daunting to price your own work. As had already been stated, know your market. Before my life in clay, I was in advertising and did a fair amount of market research. Are you making functional everyday pottery or high-end pieces that are very involved? (And please do not think that i am implying that functional everyday pieces should be cheap!) In finding market prices, the one place that I really take with a grain of salt is Etsy. While I only pay attention to jewelry, knitting and pottery on there, all three have the same thing in common: many shop owners cut their prices in order to compete without regard for their time or the market's overall health. One item that I researched recently was a yarn bowl. Etsy prices ranged from $14 to $268. As a potter who also knits, I was floored at both the low and the high-end prices. There is a bit of hit or miss involved with pricing, but if you listen to your customer and observes pottery prices in your market, you will begin to get an idea of a solid pricing structure for you. Best of luck!
  3. My question is not in reference to a sink drain/filter system!
  4. A French drain is not a system for the sink - it what the waste water would flow into (much like a septic system or sewer). The sink will have a trap regardless of where it is draining. I am trying to find some information from someone who has actually used a French drain - hopefully in a studio setting.
  5. Thanks, Bob - I'd never even heard of that before (but it makes great sense)!
  6. Greetings! I hope this is the proper place to post this question. I did a search before posting but did not come up with any hits. My studio in our home's basement currently does not have running water (I'm using the barrel method for clean up for now). We're getting quotes from contractors for putting in a utility sink with hot and cold running water and it has been suggested to create a French drain rather then run the sink into our septic system. I've been worried about the effects of the studio sink on the septic but know to be very careful about clay and glaze waste and had planned to install a Gleco (or similar) trap. Would a French drain be sufficient for a small studio? Are there any special concerns? If you've used one, what are your experiences? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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