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  1. I did not came a long time busy trying to do things right, 

    about the bubbles : I was glazing  some mugs with feildmouse brown of mastering cone 6 it usually is ok but this time it went completely matte,I tried to réglage  them with a clear glaze a cone 6 and ....bubbles terrible. I can’t understand what went wrong...  

    errata:sorry  i did not came

    Look the photo I have sent 

    thanks for the help 


    1. JohnnyK


      Wow, what a cool looking effect, Marit! I can't tell you what might have caused it, but it would be good if you kept notes on what you did so that you might reproduce it in the future on another piece. Since you have used this glaze before without problems, what might you have done differently this time? is the glaze commercial or something you mixed from scratch? Are you using a programmable or manually operated kiln? It looks like the clear glaze reacted with the base glaze to cause the bubbles. 

    2. liambesaw


      I'm gonna guess the rutile and manganese offgassed when you refired with a gloss over it. Maybe it didn't reach temperature the first time you fired it.

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