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  1. Sevaral years ago Home Depot had liners for the cut in half wine barrels. The liners came in deep and shallow sizes, get the shallow one. When you find the liners you can cut them in half as discribed and use tape or other hardware to keep them together at the seams. You get about 1-1/2" clearance on each side. You have lots of room for the trimmings and it is easy to clean out when you remove the Giffin Grip.
  2. Make sure that you have a gas meter, and pressure regulator, that is able to provide you with the amount of gas that the kiln needs. Take a look at the regulator and it should give you the orifice size and the spring color. If you have that information, and the manufacture of the regulator, you can call a company that deals with that brand and find out how many BTUs the regulator will provide. You will also need to know what BTUs the burners can provide. If the pressure regulator in its present configuration will not provide you with enough gas the orifices and springs can be changed to what you need to make things work.
  3. Interesting! We have a gauge that measures inches of water to put in between the valve and the burners so we can keep track of the gas going to the burners. Hopefully this will help us figure out too if we have inadequate gas at the kiln. There's quite a bit of 3/4 inch line between the kiln and the street, so we'll have to see.
  4. I use 66 quart plastic tote boxes and precut 1/8" foam pieces to circle around mugs and cups. For the bowls, etc I use flat pieces of the foam, cut to size, between them and then fill the empty spaces with more foam pieces. Sorting simular size pieces before packing will save you time also on packing. Foam for the mugs (6" wide) is from a big box hardware store and is used on the sill plate to form a seal with the wood, just cut to the length that you need to circle the piece. To find other foam, locate a packing material company and see what they have. The roll that I bought was 12" wide and very long. Cut your foam sheet to the size that you need for your specific work. They last longer and don't tear or become a hassle to use like newspaper. I cut my packing time in half by using the foam pieces. Label each tote with what should go into it so that you can grab the correct one for the pieces that you are going to pack. This foam also is also great between pieces if you are shipping to a customer before wrapping with bubble wrap.
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