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  1. Hi Chris When you were here for a workshop we had three slab rollers, all Northstar. Two were table top models, they worked well. I'm thinking of selling my large slab roller and replacing it with a tabletop model. The two table top models were sold to students in the class, they are still using them and are very pleased with them. Annabelle
  2. Yes, it's colored slip. If you would like to see Seong-Tae and four other Korean master potters they will be in Canada early this summer. They are amazing.
  3. Last weekend I went to his workshop in Sarsota Florida. Ive been to glaze workshops before, but John made it logical, concise and easy to follow. I have no connections to this group, but if you can do this its time and money well spent. Its at the Saratoga Clay Arts Center, starts Friday evening, goes through Sunday. Annabelle in Naples Fl
  4. Come to sunny warm Naples Fl, April 6-10 2015 This five day hands on workshop with Tony Clennell will focus on larger than life utilitarian pottery for occasional use. We will pay attention to the details on large pieces. My specialty over the years has been sectional or composite throwing where I add many pieces together to make one vessel. Participants that normally cannot throw more than a few pounds of clay often throw with ease 3-5 times as much after the session. Recent work has been an exploration of textures using roulettes, stamps and many found objects. This five day hands on workshop with Hayne Bayless will include Principles of hand-built functional pottery, with emphasis on how to get the most out of your extruder and slab roller Unusual approaches to surface treatment using colored slips and pattern-making materials How to make customized extruder dies using tools and materials found at any hardware store How to make your own hand tools and modify those you have to suit your individual needs Beyond the nuts and bolts of technique, Hayne discusses at length pottery's aesthetic considerations and how technique will affect aesthetic concerns and vice versa. His emphasis is on how our technical and aesthetic decisions serve the material, clay. Cost for either workshop is 495.00. Participants are welcome to watch demos in both studios, Contact me for more information, Annabelle@clayland.com
  5. I'm in Florida and am accustomed to having to ship all my materials used in my production.
  6. I'm looking for a U.S. supplier for cone 6 bisque other than Mayco. Anyone know of anybody? Thanks, Annabelle
  7. Hughes hall is located up the hill from the clay studio. It's the newest of the housing options at Arrowmont. Teachers is more rustic as well as closer to the clay studio. I've stayed in both and prefer Hughes Hall.
  8. I never had much luck with the electrical tape. A roll of gasket material from the auto parts store has served me well for 15 years with my Venco. Annabelle
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