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  1. Hi, ok have started experimenting but am amazed how much stain is required i think I must be going wrong somewhere! I started using 1lb of clay but reduced it down to 8oz because eg. the sky blue stain mixed with a white stoneware required the whole 50g of stain to get any kind of colour, Does it fire to a more intense colour.? I only bought small amounts of stain because I didn't know what colurs Id like. Im currently letting the colured clay dry a little before starting the ratio mixing
  2. Thanks Chris, Yes I see what you mean re colours of clay, I have three greyish and one white all stoneware so I imagine the white will need less stain. Dont really know until I start mixing if any will give me the results I'm looking for. I assume when I'm mixing the % of stain into a pound of clay I keep going until I get a good colour since I can tone it down after by adding un-coloured clay. Note keeping is a must with this one!
  3. Thanks Matt, cant wait to experiment, will post results if any good. thanks for link
  4. I don't think you're wasting your time, you may get the earthier looking color you want using clay that has some of its own natural color. With Mason stains I wear gloves if mixing in larger amounts, just because it's messy. Working with it I don't, but that's just me. Here is a discussion on the subject from the clay art archives....//www.potters.org/subject44495.htm/ Wear a mask for the dry powder part. Hopefully you'll get more info from others.
  5. Hi Ive never stained clay body before but have recently bought some Mason stains which Im going to lots of tests by wedging into different clays . However If you could enlighten me on a few things before I go ahead. For the effect Im hoping for I have different clay bodies: a light stoneware , a speckled stoneware and a heavily grogged stoneware. Im not neccesssarily looking for bright colours but more earthy, natural colours. I simply want to know will I be wasting my time trying to stain these , I then want to once fire after burnishing so no glaze will be used. Also do you use gloves to protect hands? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Marcia, I did a little research and turns out I can get hold of Mason stains easily here, But I will be doing plenty of experimenting Isnt that half the fun!
  7. Hi, I want to experiment with colouring different clays before I start a new project but not sure what to use. I would like to use a heavily grogged stoneware clay and also a smooth stoneware I might also try earthenware. Im looking for quite natural blues/ greens and earthy colours. Any advice welcome, pics even better. Thanks
  8. Hi update Im back up and running again. For future ref. one half of the elements were not working because of a problem with the piece, Sorry forgotten technical name, holding them in place at the back of the kiln. Once this was replaced it worked fine.Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  9. Thanks everyone for replies, I'll investigate those suggestions. Fingers crossed. Regards, Julia
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  11. Hi, Im in County Kerry Ireland and although studied Art in Belfast I kind of taught myself ceramics. Lots to learn but loving it!

  12. Hi John, Thanks for your reply, Ok here goes, KIln brand - Phoenix( not sure of model) Controller - Bentrup TC20 Voltage 230 Amperage 25 Supply voltage 230 Amperage of breaker 32 It was refurbished by the company I bought it off, second hand. They replaced the elements and most of the bricks. It had a small crack on one of the lid bricks which I fixed with kiln mortar. There is a small drop of glaze on thethermocouple, but that has been there for a while when it was working fine. I think it was firing for approx 15 hours before it cut out and displayed F1. I believe F1 means it hasn't reached temperature. Im begining to think its an electrical fault maybe with the controller and will be getting it looked at tomorrow. Thanks for your interest any ideas would be very welcome. Regards, Julia
  13. Hi, I new to this forum but am desperatley looking for an answer to why my electric kiln is only reaching 687 degrees before cutting out and displaying F1 on the controller. I had set to a bisque firing of 1220. It has been recently refurbished so really shouldnt be a problem with elements etc. Any ideas ? Thanks
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