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  1. potterbarter.com doesnt seem to resolve as a valid DNS entry--are you sure thats the correct address? http://groups.yahoo....s&sec=dir&slk=1
  2. Thanks Jim, I am confident it will work ok but just don't want to poison anyone !
  3. Hi, does anyone know if it is ok to put a transparent food safe glaze over unsafe coloured slips to make bowls food safe? thanks
  4. Thanks for replies, I'm going to try getting it to throwing consistency first , I think that sounds like less hassle 😊
  5. It never even occurred to me that bone dry clay could be put through, would love to hear from others too as to the best way. Thanks for your reply
  6. Hi, I invested in a second hand pugmill and have just gotten around to using it. Question is do people usually dry out the reclaimed clay a bit first ? Because I spent hours putting it through over and over, and now I feel a bit foolish because it occurred to me that it was probably a bit wet to put through. It had been in a bucket immersed in water for a good while. I've spread it out now onto canvas and brought it inside the house to dry a bit. Can anyone tell me how wet/dry it should before I try again? Thanks 😞
  7. Thanks, i have been using fired flowers with no center as a press mold while drying then add hollow underside after. I guess i just wanted to speed it up a bit by slip casting but maybe Im making more work for myself.Constantly evolving these flowers and finding better ways of making them.
  8. Hi, I've making these ceramic flowers by slab rolling and hand building the center and hollow underpart. I need to make quite a few of them and think slip casting might be an option, trouble is I dont know what way to make a mold of the flower ie what way to place it in the mold, just cant get my head around it. Any help appreciated.
  9. Thanks for that, have looked at the Multnomah site looks great, cant wait to get there! I think I'll just drop by when we get there and see whats on offer. Its hard to know distances until Im there, a little bigger than Ireland I think! Im used to getting around on my bicycle!! Might bump into a few of you. Thanks Mike will leave you my email, all advice on things to do welcome, Julia
  10. Ok need a bit of help again, now it turns out we will be staying in Lake Oswego( looks beautiful!) anyone have any ideas where I might go for wheel classes? tried googling but didnt realy come up with anything. Appreciated, Julia
  11. Thanks Red Rock, I'll check out your suggestion about the Arts centre, like the Oregon wine idea too
  12. Hi again, sorry wasnt on the forum for a while, thanks for all suggestions. We think its going to be Tualatin we'll be staying in , is this far out of Portland? Not looking forward to more rain, since we have had the worst wet summer for thirty years
  13. Wow thanks for all the replies! This forum is a lifesaver, Im going to try the suggestions on a few scraps of greenware before attempting the actual piece. i think I will have to tell her that it broke whatever the outcome. Hopefully it will be a good one! Thanks again, will post how I got on.
  14. Disaster! Ive just dropped a piece of greenware and it broke in two places. Clean break but it was made by somebody else as apresent for her Dad!! Is there any way of repairing it or will I have to own up? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the element advice. What temperature would you suggest I fire to before checking? I presume I just open the lid to check? Ive left the bungs in and replaced the ceramic fibre around the lid and the cracks. This is an update since I fired to 500C then opened lid and it appears four elements on one side werent firing. Does this mean they need to be replaced( supposedly they were all replaced about 5 months ago) or could it be another reason? Ive now a back log of work waiting to go in and craft fairs to attend, help really appreciated.
  16. Excellent suggestion! Ive now filled all the cracks
  17. Hi thanks for replying, The crack is more like the brick crumbled away at the edge of the brick and yes it was repaired with kiln cement. But this is now crumbling as well as the brick. As regards the condition of the lid the insulation has fallen off so i have just placed it on the wall the lid rests on as i dont know what to use to glue back on. Im going to test all the elements, does anyone know how to do this?? Also Ive ordered a new brick but not confident enough to put in myself, Ill probably wreck it altogether Does anyone know how long to leave the kiln cement before firing? sorry for all the questions, Im determined to solve this once and for all. regards Julia
  18. Hi everyone, Ive just opened my kiln and one look at my pieces tells me the kiln didn't reach ^06, disaster! Ive had problems before with this kiln and have just replaced an element that was broken, very pleased with myself after that thinking I had the problem solved, but this has wiped the smile off my face! So can anyone tell me can I refire the pieces to ^06 once I have the problem sorted? One other question, The mortar I used to fix a crack in the lid bricks seems to be crumbling and Im worried its going to wreck the pieces. I cant put another shelf over the work as there is no room and props arent tall enough. Thanks
  19. Thanks Trevor, wont have time to read the book before I go ahead and fire but will certainly look at it in the future.
  20. Before I go ahead and once fire a piece, has anyone once fired before. Im under pressure to get an order out after having an exploding piece .I know its probably viewed as a ceramics sin but prepared to give it a go. The glaze is to ^06. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, Does anyone know of any workshops ,classes in Portland Oregon?. Ill be there for 3months starting in September. I really want to learn about wheel work( actually a beginner a this) also learn more about glazes, oxides and maybe raku. If there are classes for kids also even better. Thanks
  22. Hi, Im coming over to America in September for 3 months. Would like to brush up on certain skills while there especially wheel work and also learn a bit more about oxides ,stains glazes etc. Does anyone know of any workshops , classes that are taking place in the Portland area. Even better if they have classes for children too as Im bringing my two boys.Much appreciated. OOps just realised this should be in different forum but dont know how to delete!!
  23. Thanks Chris, I guess the only way to find out is to get on with it and fire them! Thanks for doing the maths my head hurts trying to work it out. I'll post the results, may take a while though!
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