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  1. Hi all, I hope someone can help with this. I came across some work by a potter who said she used chalks over slip to draw on bisque. I can't remember her name but her work was beautiful. Im trying o find these chalks myself, does anyone have any experience of using them and any other info about them. I have tried the crayons which were useless as was the pencils. I cant find them in my usual supplier (Ireland) or the UK. Thanks Julia
  2. Thanks for replies, I think some test pieces will have to be done!
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some advice I want to add a bit more texture/ depth to my work. I wanted to pick out detail in a blue wash and wonder can I use mason stains to do this? I usually colour with slips, can I use these over the stain or will they obscure the stain. Thanks so much , Julia
  4. Thanks for replies, I don't think it could be plaster but it was pug milled clay so could have been contaminated with something, very frustrating
  5. Hi can anyone help with this problem I've had lately. After firing ,small pieces have been flaking off and beneath is a white powder like patch. Appreciate any theories. Photo attached. Thanks Julia
  6. hi, does anyone have a link to how to make a wall pillow? Or could just tell me if easy enough 😊 thanks vm . Julia
  7. :Dthanks for all the help and advice, time to get rolling
  8. hi, I'm messing around with some porcelain and want to make some translucent tea light holders, How thin should I roll the clay? I'd say I have it about cereal packet thinness but will that be thin enough to allow the light shine through the embossed pattern😠help welcome, thanks , Julia
  9. Just an update, I got hold of mender friend a kind of silver colour in the pot, fires white and covered up the crack ok. thanks for all the suggestions and posts
  10. Thanks for reply Chris, will give it a trial run !
  11. Hi, is it possible to mix an underglaze with coloured slips and then brush onto green ware? I haven't the colour I need, but if I could do this it would solve the problem. Thanks, Julia
  12. Hi, quick question Is it possible to use coloured slip over a glazed and fired piece? I missed a bit the first time around. Thanks
  13. Thanks for replies, will try and get hold of mender friend, Tried filling with glaze with no luck on a piece a while back, Julia
  14. Hi, I have a piece of bisque , took a while to make but after first firing two cracks formed where one piece joins another, only small but noticeable. Anyone know of a way to disguise them? Thanks Julia
  15. Thanks for replies, i think we have a multi meter somewhere so will try that rather than risk frazzling my eyebrows, not a good look!
  16. Thanks for responses, hopefully its only an element not working quite easy to replace as Ive done it before
  17. My poor kiln is in a bad way and not reaching temperature In order to check the elements first, Im going to fire it up until they are orange to see if any aren't working. Does anyone have any idea what temperature I need to fire to in order to check them, or is there a better way to check them? Thanks, Julia
  18. Hi, thanks for all replies / suggestions. I'll give them a go and see how i get on Julia
  19. Hi , Im doing a lot of stencilling onto clay using hand cut stencils from newspaper. However even though I wait until dry to remove they are still 'leaking' under the stencil and so not getting a nice crisp line. I spray the newspaper first lightly with water to make it stick better. Any help or suggestions appreciated Julia
  20. Hi Larry, interesting must try this since I have a brick ready to fall in. I have tried shoving ceramic blanket into the cracks before but found that after about two firings it became hardened and brittle and was falling out again, so hopefully your suggestion will work, thanks, Julia
  21. Hi thanks no haven't heard of clay boss, I presume that in the U.S, not sure if they would deliver to Ireland. btw, sorry to butt in on your thread, MichaelP !
  22. Have you taken a look at the clay boss, it sells around the net new, delivered, for $550ish and works pretty well.
  23. Hi, speaking of stand up wheels, one has recently come up for sale near me and I don't know weather to go for it since I've only ever used a electric sit down one. This one is a kick wheel. Any advice welcome , I've been looking for a wheel for ages and would prefer an electric sit down but might be waiting a long time.
  24. :Dsrc="http://ceramicartsdaily.org/community/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif"> Hi I'm also looking for a used wheel but being based in SW Ireland I would have more luck finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
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