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  1. Just an update, I got hold of mender friend a kind of silver colour in the pot, fires white and covered up the crack ok. thanks for all the suggestions and posts
  2. Thanks for replies, will try and get hold of mender friend, Tried filling with glaze with no luck on a piece a while back, Julia
  3. Hi, I have a piece of bisque , took a while to make but after first firing two cracks formed where one piece joins another, only small but noticeable. Anyone know of a way to disguise them? Thanks Julia
  4. Wow thanks for all the replies! This forum is a lifesaver, Im going to try the suggestions on a few scraps of greenware before attempting the actual piece. i think I will have to tell her that it broke whatever the outcome. Hopefully it will be a good one! Thanks again, will post how I got on.
  5. Disaster! Ive just dropped a piece of greenware and it broke in two places. Clean break but it was made by somebody else as apresent for her Dad!! Is there any way of repairing it or will I have to own up? Thanks
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  7. Hi, Im in County Kerry Ireland and although studied Art in Belfast I kind of taught myself ceramics. Lots to learn but loving it!

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