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  1. Yes OldLady, once you get the glaze thickness dialed in, which took me a long time, it all goes pretty easy and consistent.
  2. OldLady, Thank You. No handle on the other one. Satin Matte Green - I thought it was a Tony Hansen base but it is not. Not sure where I found this glaze. Over Strontium Crystal Matte Cool. The rim is SH Copper Ash. The foot is Hsin Matte Black.
  3. A sugar, dry creamer, wet creamer and serving tray.
  4. I have always heard that when the sheen from the dip of the first glaze is gone then dip the 2nd glaze. Not to wait till the first dip is dry because the water from the 2nd dip will de-laminate the first dip glaze from the pot. This sounds like what happened to you.
  5. If you have MicroSoft Office Picture Manager it is easy to re-size. Click "Edit Pictures". Click on "Compress Pictures". I always choose "Documents", then Click OK. Will compress the pic down to about 300 KB or less. Save this new pic with the "Save As" button under the "File" tab.
  6. The Aeron in your list is an excellent programmer's task chair. I can sit in this all day long and never get butt ache. This is the potter's stool I use. I removed the back from the chair. Speedball Professional Potters Stool, Adjustable, 18 - 23 inches model ST1. For some reason Amazon has this chair at twice the price than what you can buy from a pottery supplier.
  7. Looking at Raspberry/ Cranberry glazes posted on the forum recently, I started copying them into the glaze software. I asked myself "Why am I doing this, I already have 2 very nice recipes." I posed this question to another potter which said "If you are curious you will always be testing glazes". That's the answer. That and "is the next glaze the Greatest I have ever seen?" I want to know what it will look like on my clay and if the new glaze is "better" than what I have tested before now. Perhaps Terrim8 has the correct answer, for me anyways, "till death due us part". Trying to pa
  8. If you can get your hands on John Britt's ^6 glaze book, look at page 17-18. He talks about how to move from ^10 to ^6.
  9. At what point in a potter's career does he/she stop searching for and testing new glazes? When does the potter become satisfied with his/her stable of glazes and says "This is enough"?
  10. Bill Van Gilder has used what is in the pics as a coil maker. By adjusting the carriage bolt you can infinitely vary the thickness of the coil. Also, I have read, if the coil gets out of round, twist the coil then finish rolling out the coil, it will even out.
  11. Callie, "All the other ones I’ve encountered are in institutions." --- are you talking about other potters!!
  12. Chilly, did you make this from the plans in one of the ceramic arts workbooks?
  13. From SirusXm - Bluesville, JamOn and when glazing Diplo's Revolution. From the mp3 player - Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers, Rush.
  14. Whenever I think I can't go to the pottery for some reason or another, I always picture Warren MacKenzie walking out to his pottery at 90+ years of age. And when I'm really full of self pity I watch his video, "A Potter's Hands" and am ashamed of my insignificant whining. I feel the same way about Shoji Hamada. He sits or kneels and spins his wheel with a stick in "Art of the Potter" and creates beauty. How can I ever say "I'm too tired or too old or whatever" to go to the pottery?
  15. Scott G, I have been spraying and single firing for 2 years now. I mix my own glazes, but have never altered any glaze just because it was being applied to greenware. If spraying, pay attention to the way the glaze looks while you are spraying. It took me 5 glaze firings to get the correct glaze thickness. Each glaze is different and will need to be learned how much to apply. I look for a velvet look, OldLady, who also single fires, calls it "chunky velvet". If you go past the velvet look the glaze surface will look filled in and smoothed over, and the glaze will likely run. If you get less th
  16. Yesterday, via USPS, I sent a 10"x16" bubble mailer to BC Canada. The weight was 7.20 ounces. Cost was $10 for the First Class International Service delivery plus $2.19 for the mailer. USPS could not say when it will arrive in BC but the clerk said perhaps within 3 weeks. This was my first international shipment. I rarely ship anything out, anywhere.
  17. dhPotter

    Bud vases 1

    very cool looking. Love the elliptical openings!
  18. In 1975 I wanted to escape 2 years as a Political Science major. My buddy was an art major in pottery. I took Ceramics 101 and 102 but was not consumed by it. In 1979, after cutting half my Left thumb off, I took Ceramics 101 and 102 at the local community college while the thumb healed. Again not consumed by it. Next time to stick my hands in clay is in 2008. I audited Ceramics 101 just to see if it held my interest. OK I get consumed, however kidney cancer surgery in 2013 knocks me out of pottery for awhile. Try to get back into it but R hip and L knee bone on bone is too much pain. Get
  19. yes it is the SH Copper Ash Over Val's Turquoise.
  20. it is about 10 inches tall.
  21. Yes I have Roberta, Thank you! My very first show is this weekend, Nov 10, for a citywide Christmas Open House.
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