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  1. This reminds me of Art Nouveau. I like this style better than the wildflowers, but I am biased towards Art Nouveau.
  2. you have a lot of patience...
  3. Very nice steady hand. It is cool how you have transferred your slip trailing skills to the carving skills. Very, very nice work!
  4. dhPotter


    Nerd, if you are throwing things like this after 1 month on the wheel you definitely must go to the head of the class!
  5. Glaze combo is wonderful. Very earthy. Love the bleed on the outer mug.
  6. Excellent work! Great colors, especially falling brightly. I am torn between 2 as my favorite, the turquoise and the vine. Neat how you angled the holes for the wire in the pendants on the turquoise. Lots of lovely work!
  7. The hand doc I went to is in a Large ortho group and do sports medicine ortho. The hand doc said he does not like to do this surgery on anyone younger than 65. He gave me some cream, Voltaren, and a hand wrap. The joint is bone on bone. Basically I am living with the pain as I am allergic to all arthritis medicine and cannot take Nsaids or anti-immflammatories of any kind. Still throwing pots!
  8. JohnnyK, How does the thumb respond to you telling it to move without a connection to the wrist? I have incredible pain in the same area you are talking about and am going to a hand doc in April - will ask about the Carpometacarpal hematoma distension arthroplasty. Have had Carpal tunnel release done on both hands. took about a year each to regain the strength in the hands.
  9. From the album: Down on the Farm

    Lithium Green Speckle with Doily soaked in Iron Saturate Floating Red and rolled onto body
  10. Some potters use a big car washing sponge and place it either at 10 or 2 o'clock to catch the slurry as it flies off the wheel. They have the sponge just touching the wheel head with some kind of weight behind it to keep it snug to the wheel head.
  11. dhPotter

    wave plate

    This is beautiful work. I love the way the wave disappears into the outer edge of the rim. Might want to think about re-producing this plate. Looks like a lot of work.
  12. dhPotter


    Thank You GuineaPotter. This was one of the happier, unexpected moments when opening the kiln.
  13. From the album: Down on the Farm

    We gave a kitchen themed wedding shower for a couple. The couple received a set of 8. I made black bean soup and gave each guest their own mug to take home with them. 45 of them.
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