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  1. Hey JohnnyK, Around the rim, where the glaze is lighter, is Strontium Crystal Magic Cool sprayed on. Then Pete's Seafoam is sprayed over the whole piece. The SCMC makes Pete's Seafoam go turquoise. Depending on thickness of Pete's Seafoam, on non-SCMC areas, will result in the varied amount of splotches. The army green color is where Pete's Seafoam is thinner. 

    Thank you

  2. Thank you, JohnnyK, yes it is. Glazed the platter then set the bowl on it to glaze fire. I'm thinking to get a better seal would be to put a little glaze on the bottom of the bowl also. There is 1 spot between bowl and platter where you can almost put a fingernail into.

  3. OldLady, Thank You. No handle on the other one. Satin Matte Green - I thought it was a Tony Hansen base but it is not. Not sure where I found this glaze. Over Strontium Crystal Matte Cool. The rim is SH Copper Ash. The foot is Hsin Matte Black.

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