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    I'm going on a search in my garden tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration.
  2. Hi Ray, I enjoyed looking at your gallery. I've just started experimenting with slips. Quite a journey you have made in clay. Love your work. Florence W
  3. I'd like to tell you about The Mighty Mat that I purchased last spring. (It is a cleaned up printers blanket.) I use this item every time I touch clay. It is easy to clean, sharp tools won't cut it, the cloth side is perfect to roll clay on (with no texture) and I can (finally) roll a beautiful, even coil using the blue side. Check it out at www.themightymat.com Considering what we pay for clay "tools", this purchase is worth every cent. BTW, the seller is trustworthy. He FedExed the order as soon as he received my check and didn't cash my check until I let him know that I had received
  4. "The Japanese Pottery Handbook" (Revised Edition) by Penny Simpson, Lucy Kitto and Kanji Sodeoka is available on Amazon. Check out www.studioyunomi.com to see more beautiful examples of yunomi. He also has an Etsy site.
  5. Hello Florence W. THank you for your comment on my Avatar. It was inspired by my Yellow Labrador Retriever Lucy! She set me off on the raku animal quest, which is now my main direction for art/craft fairs and shows.

  6. JLowes! I love your creation that you are using for your profile pix! Made me smile. Thanks! Florence W

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