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    New Marlborough, MA, USA
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    Wheel thrown porcelain, hand carving, Cone 6 Electric

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Coming to clay now as a full time studio potter in my home studio in New Marlborough, MA has been a calming and welcome change after many years of life in NYC and working as the Head Scenic Artist on the television show "Law & Order" for the twenty years of its production. It was a freelance feast or famine mindset even though that wonderful job lasted for so long.

Clay had been a first love in college but other art paths took over and led me into a different career. For many years I have squeezed in a part time pottery life but it could never be long or intense enough. Until now.

 I've come now full circle from the insulated time in grad school at Pratt when working in the painting department's assigned studio cubicle by myself or with a friend on the other side of the wall was the norm. Then through 35 years of a professional life working as a scenic artist on many film, TV and theater projects that demanded quickly crafted responses to time and budget pressures. It was not calm and never luxurious in creature comforts, but it was peopled with wonderful individuals. The camaraderie was always the treasured prize.

Now I'm back in a studio, this time in the beautiful Berkshire hills, sharing it with my husband Jim who paints while I throw pots. The music is on, usually classical or tango, and Rio our dog is asleep upside down on the couch. I don't think life could be any better than it is now.


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