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  1. My iPod dock, awesome sound either with music or books. My glazing area is in another room so those days are music days cranked up while I like books when I throw, trim & do attaching. Joy
  2. Good list. I have several, 1 for pricing, 1 for sizing & a similar one like yours. A hint save them on a stick or disc or separate drive. Our computer just crashed with no recovery I lost the most recent invoices but have paper copies. Joy
  3. I use a selection of three mugs I made for demos when I taught. My husband also uses demo mugs. I guess they are the right size & just fit our hands the way we like. I have trouble holding a skinny handle so make them wider than normal. Joy
  4. My wedging board is a removeable piece of plywood with canvas stretched on it & is over 20 years old no rips. I also have a board with plaster board attached so they can be switched. My husband built the wedging table with a backboard & put L shaped hardware that keeps the board in place & is easy to switch. Joy
  5. Hi, I have found it best after trimming to dry pot lids on their pots to prevent warping on both rims, likewise they should be fired together always to keep them true. You need to wax both rim & pot connection & wash away any glaze residue in the glaze fire. A light tap with a wooden dowel easily separates hard to lift lids. Joy
  6. My skut kiln is almost 40 yrs. old & I just had new elements replace top to bottom for the 1st time. Have had sections replaced before. I glaze fire in a day & wonder if it will be just as before or fire higher. Reset the sitter by eye, just touching. It works better that way for me usually. Maybe I'd better wash the bottoms of the runnier glazes back further.
  7. I like your pieces. Just remember to take the sticks out of the beads as the clay will shrink as it dries but the sticks won't thus causing cracked beads.
  8. I've had them for a few years also. A store in western Canada called Princess Auto sells them individually or a kit. Joy
  9. My glaze area is long & narrow lined with mats that really help as I walk back &a forth from glaze buckets to sink. They are a foot & back saver.
  10. Your plates are lovely. I have a screen but it's been gathering dust. You have inspired me to try it. Joy
  11. I used to subscribe to CM, Clay Times & Pottery Making Illustrated, but stopped all of them. We have a wonderful bookstore that carries all publications so I purchase whatever one I like best when I need inspiration. It's funny when you've tried all the methods you admired most & settle on your own style, & then keep seeing the old methods coming back as new ones. Guess I've been around a long time.
  12. I have had a GG pretty close to when it was available. I use it when I'm making multiple pieces, which is almost all the time & it cuts trimming time. My only problem is trimming lids, the knob is too small to be grabbed by the lugs. I made a chuck that works ok, but it would be nice to not have to remove the GG to trim lids.
  13. Pill pots, spoon rests, condiment pots, spice pots.
  14. I crossed paths with Tom a few times & missed a chance to have coffee a couple of years ago, my life got in the way. I'm sorry for that. I also read & enjoyed his forum posts. I wish him a happy journey at his resting place near his beloved cottage. Joy
  15. I used to have an estrin & another kick wheel and was told when learning eons ago, to always wear running shoes to help control the speed & stopping control. Try it. Joy
  16. You will find that the torque is lacking in the skimpo. I went from an estrin to shimpo as well & ended up buying a skut. The skut is awesome lots of torque. I now use the shimpo for trimming. Joy
  17. Try wrapping the cardboard with a single layer of paper (newspaper)not stuck on the tube. It makes the tube easy to pull out without it sticking to the clay. If the paper won't come out no problem of it causing the clay form to crack while drying & it can be left in during firing if necessary, but will usually pull out easily. Joy
  18. Stick your pin tools in a sponge, easy to find.
  19. I use small stencils that I made from clear plastic used for table cloths. They bend around the pot. I glaze the piece first then use a stain with a stencil brush that I load with stain in a small tub that has a piece of folded t-shirt material in the bottom. I add stain & water sparingly & load the brush. It works very well the water keeps the stain from becoming to strong to prevent it from running on the glaze during firing. Joy
  20. I try to leave 10 hrs. From shut off to peeking. Then wait another couple of hrs. before propping it open. Haven't had any pings so far. I fire to cone 7 with a 1 hour soak on medium, seems to work for me. No electronics just a timer & cone. I have no idea what temp. It is when I open & unload but I usually need gloves in the summer. The kiln is in an unheated garage in central Canada.
  21. Would warming the pieces up before putting them in a hot kiln help? We usually set pieces on top of the kiln for a short period before loading them in.
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