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  1. I just dont understand the logic... yes 1lb is 16 oz, but I don't understand the maths here 6 % of 10lb is about 10z and 8% of 10lb is 13 oz so your math is right even if I don't get it haha I just found out this page: http://shop.clay-planet.com/stains.aspx it says "Black, being total color saturation, requires at least a 10% addition, usually higher to avoid grey" have you tried 10% ? do you think it's too much from your own experience ?
  2. so for 10 pounds of slip I would need between 0.6 and .08 lb of stain, correct ? (sorry I'm not so sure of my math skills...)
  3. I want to make a black porcelain slip using mason stain. I bought a small bag (1/4lb) of Best Black 6600 Mason stain and mixed it my slip (less than 1 gallon). I contacted Mason to ask how much of the stain I should use but they are not really helpful... anyway the result it a light gray, I wonder if it's going to get darker after firing. anyone got experience making a black slip and knows how much stain I should use for 1 gallon ?
  4. I'm a real beginner at ceramic and I'd like to use gold luster for a piece. but I'm not sure which gold from Duncan to use, my ceramic shop has no tile samples of it so I can't really tell the difference between bright and prenium gold. I was wondering if someone had experience using both here and which one you would recommend. also if you happen to have pictures I would really appreciate seeing them! KJ
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