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  1. I have no neighbor close enough to be bothered by the fumes. this window is on the second floor and the third floor is mine as well. opposite the street is too far away to be bothered by fumes. as for the landlord, yes I'll be checking with him. I dont really want to fire luster at home anyway, it freaks me out too much. so you really think a regular fan would be enough ?? thanks for the reply !
  2. I just moved in a new apartment and I'd like to use the extra space as my studio. there is a small den on the left of the staircase leading to the bedrooms upstairs, on the right of the staircase is the living room/kitchen. (check the picture attached) there is no door to close the den, not sure if I would be an issue... I could set up a heavy curtain if needed. so I'm planning on putting my Paragon Xpress-1193 in the space under the staircase that has the brick wall. now which kind of vent should I go for ? I mainly want to use the vent to exhaust all the fumes during bisque and glaze firing. I also do luster but would it be safe enough to have a vent in a space that is open ? would a heavy curtain closing the space do the trick to be sure no fumes goes in the living area ? on the paragon website they seem to recommend the KILNVENT MASTER 120, should I go with that or with a hood vent ? thanks for you help in advance !
  3. I've been working on the molds of my sake set for the past week and I'm still not done. this is really time consuming and a bit frustrating for me (as I tend to be an outer perfectionist). I would like to find a professional mold maker, that would save me some sanity haha. is there any pro mold maker here ? or do you have any to recommend ? thanks in advance!
  4. I did add a layer to the silver cup. the cup I try to burn off the luster from was another test, I only wanted to burn it off because some of the luster went on the top where I dont want any... I thought I cleaned everything but the glaze being black it's very hard to see if there is any luster where I don't want it. next time I will use a luster eraser if I can find one at my ceramic shop. thanks for your answers Johanna !
  5. is it normal for a high fire glaze to change so much at 06 ? I fired it a cone 6 I'm really surprised it had so much effect on it...
  6. I did my first luster tests a few days ago. I actually fired them twice to retouch them a little... I might fire again because the silver one is not fully covered at the bottom.. or I'll just try to make new tests and learn how to handle lusters more. the gold is a bit cloudy at the bottom... I messed one of my test cups and got luster on the top, I was sure I cleaned everything though, but I guess doing luster on black glaze makes it harder to clean up... I'm using Duncan lusters and they say to fire at cone 06 to get the luster off, but that didn't work for me, the gold luster only partly disappeared and the black glaze turned bubbly and cloudy any tip on firing off luster without messing the glaze ??
  7. love instagram! http://instagram.com/dontstareatthesun
  8. thanks everyone for the replies! you've been very helpful! I'm not going to use this glaze then, because I really don't want to take the risk to have copper leaching
  9. ok I see, not worth it then I just really like a low fire glaze I've found (food safe) and don't seem to be able to find something similar in high fire glazes it's the Amaco Opalescent Black Tulip http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-opalescent-glazes/ I could try to fire it at cone 5/6 and see how it looks but then I wonder if it will still be food safe...
  10. is it food safe to use a low fire glaze (05) on a porcelain piece bisqued at 04 ?
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