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  1. I have bisqued some small items made using a Porcelain to the temp. advised on clay pack - Porcelain 1080c. and am now wondering if I HAVE to glaze them, or can I leave them bisqued?
  2. Thank you everyone for your answers and suggestions. I like the idea of using kiln bricks with a groove cut in them. Will give that idea a go. Annie
  3. Thank you for your reply Jim. I followed your advice and unfortiunately as I live in Australia, the cost of postage was 4 times the cost of the bead rack. It was just what I needed, now trying to find the same thing here in Australia but having no luck. Did see an article on using kiln posts to hold the rod, again no luck, as kiln posts here in Aust are round and the ones I saw in the article are square, only available in America and the UK. So its back to the drawing board now, unless someone else can help me. If I do find a way of making my own, could someone tell me what gage to use for rod and gage for loops on the pendants? Annie
  4. Go to this page and then pan down about halfway or more: http://www.bigcerami...adTilePlate.htm Your local ceramic supply should have similar things. Also all you need is nichrome wire and a little clay to make your own. Jim
  5. has not set their status

  6. I've recently made porcelain and earthenware pendants. Have bisque fired them no problem. My dilemma is I want to clear glaze both sides and can't find out how. I have heard you can hang them up in the kiln, can anyone tell me how and what I should use. I have made a hole in them, but did see some small hearts made with a wire inserted in the top to form a loop. What wire would that be? I'd hate to waste all the time and patience I've put in to these and not be able to finish them. Thanks Annie
  7. Thank you everyone who answered my query re porcelain. I still have a long way to go with this clay, but shall keep plugging along. Thanks again. Annie
  8. Thank you everyone for your replies. One more question, would a matt glaze for earthenware suit porcelain?
  9. Just commenced trying out porcelain, and was wondering what to glaze bisque fired porcelain to get a satin finish. Thanks Annie
  10. Is there any way I can repair joins that have shrunk during the bisque firing. They are not large, but enough to mar the appearance of the pot. Also they are on the inside. I was planning to clear glaze the pots, so is there a way that I can glaze, fire, then repair the joins? Thanks, Annie
  11. Thank you everyone for your help. I can see I will need to try at different stages to find the result I want.
  12. Can someone advise when is the best stage of drying to carve porcelain? I have just started throwing and handbuilding with porcelain and not sure whether it is leather hard or dry. Thanks Annie
  13. Hi Annie, could you explain a little more. What temperature are you trying to reach for your glaze? What configuration is this gas kiln...burners underneath? What is KPA , a term I am unfamiliar with. Marcia Hi Marcia, I'm trying to reach a temperature of 1100 degrees Cel. The gas kiln is a top loader with burners at the back rear r.h. side. A KPA meter gives readings showing how much pressure of gas is flowing to the burner. This is how the firing is regulated, increasing the KPA pressure by 10 every 15-30 minutes. It has a small burner to start off with, then one large burner for the actual firing (I think that is right or should I leave the small burner alight as well during the firinging? Reading the log book of firings that came with the kiln, the temperature should increase from 0 to 1100 deg. C in about 4 and half hours, but after 10 hours still hadn;t reached that, the cone holder had exploded so couldn't see the cones. Can you give me any advice at all, would be well and truly appreciated. thank you Annie
  14. I'm trying to glaze fire in a gas kiln given to me. This last firing could not reach cone 03 (1100) after 10 hours. Highest it reached was 980. The result is huge huge blisters, and unglossy glazes. I think there is a bit of heat escaping from around top of lid, could this be causing the problem. This is the 2nd glaze firing, the first was a semi success, some of the pots were OK, but this firing all the pots are unsuccessfully fired. It was a total disaster. It seems as though when increasing the KPA every half hour there is not a big enough increase in the temperature each time. Annie
  15. Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom and help. Will take it all on board and try it out. Thanks again.
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