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  1. How do I get from the Forum to the other sites like my online subscriptions to Ceramics monthly? Is there a link somewhere?


    1. Jennifer Harnetty

      Jennifer Harnetty

      Hi Marcia,

      We are looking into adding the link to the Ceramic Arts Network homepage to the navigation bar at the top. From there you can access Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illus., ICAN etc. Hope to have it up there in the next day or so. For now, here is the link: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/



    2. Jennifer Harnetty

      Jennifer Harnetty

      Actually, it is already up there! :) That was fast!

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Yay! This is really getting the kinks out fast. Amazing!


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