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  1. Since Aardvark still carries Custer Feldspar, I'll go there on Tuesday and get some. I'd rather not risk using the G200 EU now that I have seen that melt test. Although I am firing to cone 6, still better to be safe than sorry. I hate wasting materials and the time and trouble to mix, test, fire etc.
  2. Thanks Dick, G200EU is what I used in place of the Custer. I've not fired it yet, so time will tell if there are any issues. I only made a small batch to test and will make sure I get a good result before batching up. Thanks for all that info and your time and trouble to post it for me.
  3. Thanks for this information. When I get this glaze nailed down, I will do that. (order in larger quantities)
  4. Thank you so much. I'll see if I can copy and paste this to save for future reference.
  5. I am attempting a John Britt oil spot glaze recipe I will use in a cone 6 electric kiln. I have Feldspar G-200 EU, Minispar 200 and Minispar 250, but no Custer. Would someone mind redoing this glaze for me using a glaze program, or just tell me if I can substitute one of the feldspars that I have for the Custer. Thanks! The recipe: John Britt's OIl Spot #2 Gerstley Borate 33% Custer Feldspar 33 EPK Kaolin 6 Silica 28 Zircopax 11
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