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  1. Hi All! I am planning to buy a kiln. I first saw a Skutt, model 818.240. It comes with a kiln sitter but no kiln furniture. Only seen pics. Looks in good condition with no obvious problems. Says fires to cone 10. I only fire cone 5/6. Then today I found an add for a Sno Industries P22. Only info I could find is that the company is out of buisness. Does come with a kiln sitter, furniture, and analog pyrometer. The Sno Industries is also 4" taller than the skutt. I was able to look info on the skutt and know it is a reliable company. Does anyone have info on Sno Industries? Any opinons as to which is the better kiln? I appreciate any replies. Thanks, Chantay
  2. Hi, Sean, I am also new to ceramics, an infant of just three months. I have been handbuilding small items with low fire white clay. I also love the look of the blue and white china. Although I preferr the patterns from China that are hand painted. I only use premade glazes and underglazes which I paint on by hand. I have had good results so far but am striving for a more auteintic chinese brush look. I may have to go to a handmade glaze for this. The problem I see with the china paints is that they require multiple firings. I also could not find a difinitive answer to the kind of oil used. Good luck in your endeavers. Johanna, thanks for all the info. Chantay
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