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  1. I had this happen on a glaze firing,,,, the kiln sitter cone broke. I called Orton and they said to check each cone by holding with fingers and pull... not twist. The cone should not break. I had about 15 in a 50 piece box break. Not sure why... defect in cones or rough handling in shipping??? But with the test pull I feel more confident it won't happen again. I had some interesting glaze melts which didn't quite correct in the refiring and never to be replicated.
  2. Does your lip hit the bare clay?
  3. Well isn't 112 clay used in many a studio? And aren't all those specks (112 BROWN CLAY (Cone 4-6)Plastic clay for wheel and modeling. The addition of granular manganese gives a speckled surface. ) Manganese? Is this dangerous. I just started using 112 and there are a lot of specks and I fire in my basement with a window fan. Am I being stupid?? I
  4. I too was using the fry pan method with tea candles. I had a lot of wax on the bottoms. Then I felt I had to scrap it because the wax fumes were bad when firing. I just bought some Forbes wax resist....goes on so easy with a small foam brush. And you don't get that little " burp mark" on glaze edge.
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