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  1. I had this happen on a glaze firing,,,, the kiln sitter cone broke. I called Orton and they said to check each cone by holding with fingers and pull... not twist. The cone should not break. I had about 15 in a 50 piece box break. Not sure why... defect in cones or rough handling in shipping??? But with the test pull I feel more confident it won't happen again. I had some interesting glaze melts which didn't quite correct in the refiring and never to be replicated.
  2. Does your lip hit the bare clay?
  3. I too was using the fry pan method with tea candles. I had a lot of wax on the bottoms. Then I felt I had to scrap it because the wax fumes were bad when firing. I just bought some Forbes wax resist....goes on so easy with a small foam brush. And you don't get that little " burp mark" on glaze edge.
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