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    Always in awe of how fire transforms minerals and earth into glass, and art...

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  1. OOooh! So many great ideas and links. I actually like the idea of some of the crayons leaving some pigment, I can use that for some shading inside. On some of the larger designs on the white clay, it's too much white. When I'm doing runs of 200+ pieces, liquid anything is just too much to deal with, especially if it's waxy gets where it shouldn't. Please keep the ideas coming. As far as stamping, for the larger bits, I'm thinking about creating tiles and rolling the outside of the cup for bowl on the tile to create the impression.
  2. Hi folks. I've been using a Silhouette Cameo cutter to create vinyl decals I put on my bisque before dipping in glaze to create a negative space design. (it's ain't easy creating a signature look and standing out in an art town) It's challenging (sometimes flat crazy making) because if you pull the decals too soon, glaze runs into the area you want to keep clean and too late, it flakes and chunks come off with the decal and I end up doing a lot of clean up or touch up. Add to that my unnatural love of gooey, reactive, unpredictable and persnickety glazes and it can be a real PITA, especially
  3. exhausted, sleep deprived, stressed out, menopausal (back off or I will cut you) human error
  4. Neil, That's what I was thinking... It's what I'm hoping. It's a fairly new kiln with a Sentry 2.0 controller and I was extremely perplexed that there was no error message. The one time the kiln didn't reach temperature in time (an early firing before I had the hang of it) it shut off and gave me an error code. Between the day job and the project from hell I was pulling 18 hour days (sometimes more) and I was crazy exhausted and stressed out on that last firing (and I had already screwed up a ramp and hold on a bisque firing which is why things went explody and put me behind schedule. To
  5. by 'you guys" if you mean me, yes. I have a full time day job which means I can't be awake during all cycles of firing.
  6. I ran a test fire to cone 5 last night on the fast setting. It wasn't quite done when I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, it had taken 8:45 which is about right. Next, I'll run a test on a regular fire with a 5 minute hold with shelves and cones to see what the cones do. I may be OK.
  7. That's why I pulled the cover and visually inspected both relays and all the wiring, someone here locally has had the singed relay thing happen to them as well. Of course... I unplugged my kiln first... Jussayin'
  8. Sometimes it pays to go low tech... both relays work and the middle elements aren't burned out or broken. All I can do now is run a test fire to see if my maintenance and reset work and/or if the misfire was a fluke or a programming error... If the test fire doesn't complete or takes too long, I'll need to go buy an ohm meter for further testing. In any event, I've become very well acquainted with my kiln's guts.
  9. Mark, THANK YOU! I went through my kiln manual and the center elements are variable. I felt around and nothing seems broken, although I did find some exploded bits of pottery here and there. I pulled the cover off my controller to check for any shorted out wiring (at the suggestion of a local potter and mentor) and it all looks good. I'm going to give the kiln a good vacumming and then try the "newspaper" test to see if they are getting hot; after all, they only need to get to 451 degrees...
  10. I finally got around to testing the kiln today. I needed about two weeks of sleep after that adventure and also had a CD/book release as well as insanity at work. I did a quick fire to 1,000 degrees. As I suspected, the middle elements weren't red. I aborted the program (no sense paying the electric charge for a full firing) and unplugged it. Tomorrow when it's cool I'll inspect the elements. That is the area where the shelf that collapsed hit and broke brick so that is the most likely scenario. (and I'm hoping the most easy to fix) If not, I'll have to look at wiring in the contro
  11. Mmmm. I think I'll pass on that ten hour hold one. Those make me twitch
  12. It was showing the temp like it was climbing, it would read 2111, then 2112, then 2111, etc.... I was tempted to start the fire again so the cool down would be slower in the critical phases, but a quick call to my mentor confirmed that since everything was likely badly overfired, it would be smarter to just abort the program and leave it to cool which I did.
  13. That is a very interesting theory. I was so exhausted when I was programming and didn't want to make a mistake and ran through it multiple times, so that is a possibility. I'm hoping to have the time to give it a good going over at some point over the weekend to rule out anything physical.
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