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  1. My studio in currently in the basement of our house and my wheel is set up facing a corner, with a tarp on the floor and up both walls. I have tools and other misc. items around, think I will add a mirror, great idea....there is a small window at the top of one wall so natural light can come in.....come into my house with a gun and intention to do harm, leave in a body bag...intruder beware.... Edie
  2. Three of my early pots are used for my kitty, Roscoe, one dried food, one for water, one for wet food other early pots are still around to show me where I started and where I am now. The really ugly ones are part of my flower beds, others my friend has to make a totem pole with for her garden, others are at work holding various office items. Thanks everyone for inspiration for ugly pots…. Edie
  3. Something about my studio.......took over two rooms in our basement. Small room has a wheel, wedging table, drying shelves, storage for molds, boxes of clay, computer for playing teaching DVD’s and other misc. items. Larger room has TV, stereo/CD/DVD/VCR equipment all in a cabinet, glazes, hand building table/chair/tool storage area, exercise equipment, and other misc. items. Basically I took over these rooms including furniture which I adapted into storage except for the electronics cabinet and exercise equipment (yes we use the exercise equipment). This is not my idea of the perfect
  4. I am fortunate to live in Helena Montana home of Archie Bray Foundation where potters from around the world come to learn and teach. The Bray helped locals start Clay Arts Guild of Helena which I was a member of for six years, now I have a kiln and studio at home. Sometimes I miss the interaction with other artist but I don't miss the politics/rules/stress that comes with keeping the doors open and keeping everyone happy. I purchase my supplies from Archie Bray Clay Biz, my videos and books from Ceramic Arts Daily, some day in the future will have a mentor from the Potters Council.....
  5. Because I work at another job during the daytime, I will look in at the top shelf, be amazed, then close the lid with all peeps still in and wait a day, so everything inside is compeltely cooled down. It is hard to wait but just like Christmas or Birthdays the wait is so worth it.....
  6. Success for me is when I open the kiln, remove a piece and it is beautiful, to all my senses and my soul. I feel inspired to begin again creating another piece on the wheel or hand built. Success continues when a piece is beautiful to the receiver of my piece. I like my day job, low key most of the time, great benefits helps the process of working....I look forward to retirement (five years) and where my love for clay will take me. Edie
  7. One level over a basement which will be used storage, cool for clay, yet warm enough for glazes, ¾ bath with kitchenette and separate sitting area/library. Main level will have separate entrance opening into a gallery with half bath, half wall for separate refreshment/snack area, includes stove, fridge, counter area, pantry, microwave, table/chairs. Glazing room with spray booth and door to outside, public throwing room for demonstrations, small classes, this room connects with a wide open archway to a room used for hand building. All rooms have windows and easy access to outside (wit
  8. Wading will work, I have not tried using just clay, suppose if you bisque the clay then set the glazed pot on if might work, experiment first…Wading is my first and only choice. Edie.
  9. Hey! I resemble that remark...(sitting at a desk answering the phone and working on the computer all day, eight hours, five days a week! Only five years left until retirement, unless I win the lottery)..... I am a recreational potter for the past six years, five years belonging to a community (Helena Clay Arts Guild, http://helenaclayartsguild.blogspot.com/ and the past year in my home studio. My favorite time of the process EVERYTHING, throwing, trimming, glazing, opening the kiln after cooling time is up and peering inside… Edie.
  10. Summer Guilty Pleasure is sun tea made in a solar jar, on ice in a hard plastic cup w/lid & straw helps lower the guilt factor. Other guilty pleasure beverages: wine/margarita’s in a glass not plastic. My studio does not have a TV, just speakers in the wall for listening to music while I work…. I clean with water no sweeping (tarps on top of ugly carpet), cleaning is done when mess gets to me (twice a month). Edie
  11. Nancy, Yes, the discount on books & cd’s is worth belonging...but wait there is more…Chris listed benefits some of which I have not tapped into yet, but will…The Potters Council is an amazing group of artist and the forums have been educational just reading everyone’s comments on every imaginable topic. Right now I have great health insurance so haven’t looked into that benefit…
  12. Brian, I am very interested, even if the workshop is during the week, I will take time off.......about a 8/10 hr drive (time change) from Helena Montana to Seattle, but well worth having the experience with hands on very important.....where do I sign up....I know jumping the gun, cart before the horse, etc.....pencil me in for sure. Edie
  13. Environment vs. ceramics should have its own category. The subject matter gets off track for ceramic education. Consider starting another category to educate potters on environmental impacts.....think about it. Edie
  14. What is my time worth? Priceless......What is my pottery worth including time spent through the entire process, not really sure, I struggle with putting a price tag on my work. Partly because I see improvement and know I can do better and my better pieces leave home as gifts. I am fairly new at selling my work. I want to thank everyone who contributes to these forums, I appreciate reading the threads from you all, informative and helpful…..It is snowing again today the temps are in the twenty’s warming to forty by Saturday….giving myself a long weekend and spending it with clay, in be
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