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    timbo_heff got a reaction from Rae Reich in How to stop stamp sticking to clay   
    An easy trick is a plastic grocery bag: : works nice for signing leather clay with a dull pencil too!
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    timbo_heff got a reaction from Clay Butterfly in Shimpo Wheel Starts Making A Shirking Noise,   
    They often make a noise that is easy to fix: take off the head: if you see a round metal cover that the shaft goes through: slip  take that off, put a little grease on it, or if you don't have any: use your finger to pick up a little grease from the bearings there and rub it on the underside of that disc. It doesn't take much.
    When that disc gets a little dry, it spins with the head rotation and rubs there: common shimpo squeak even on new ones,
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    timbo_heff reacted to Stephen in Air Release Mold Dies   
    Thanks again Mark for the input, was greatly appreciated. A shout out to George Ullrich at Sheffield Pottery, he helped me source Ceramical on the west coast so I was able to go with it without having to pay three times the cost.
    Shipping 1 or 2 50lb bags around the country can sure get expensive.
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    timbo_heff reacted to Idaho Potter in Sink In My Classroom Solution   
    How deep are your sinks?  If they are over 12" in depth, buy some plastic pipe that fits IN the drain hole.  Drill a lot of small (1/8" to 1/4") holes in the upper one third of the pipe.  Use a good tub caulking to fix it in place (over the weekend so it will cure),  the heavier particles will settle to the bottom and the clearest water will go through the small holes and then down the drain.  I'd still recommend using  a bucket for the first rinse,  At the end of the day dig out any goo, and recycle
    My studio solution is regular double sinks positioned over double laundry tubs.  The sinks drain into the tubs  from a straight length of pipe and the laundry tubs have 16" stand pipes with the holes in the top third.  I have been using this system since 1985 and have never had to call a plumber.  (reference:  find directions for a plaster sink setup, and it's all there).  
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    timbo_heff reacted to Mudlark in temp for opening kiln?   
    Dunting is a firing/cooling fault and occurs at the cristobalite inversion temp of 226 deg C and at the siica inversion temp of 573 deg C, Dunting is not a glaze fault.It occurs in unglazed ware during both bisque and higher firings.It is one of the major problems to be considered when formulating flame proof bodies.
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