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  1. They are just for looks. The hairline cracks are only on the back of the tile and in the same area on each of the tiles. The pinging is continuing well after being out of the kiln and at room temp, although I am scared to remove the rest of the tile until the kiln is completely cooled to room temp. The glaze is not matte. One thing that was different when applying the glaze, was that the glaze looked like a desert as it dried. It still adhered but if I touched them it popped off. I was trying to reach 2075 because that is the tempature the test tiles reached and since these aren't functional tiles I wasn't worried about them not being fully vitrified. Was more concerned about matching the test results.
  2. I am making tile for a kitchen showroom. The clay is 5 bmix with grog using laguna's robins egg blue glaze. I ran a test fire last week with at a standard speed ramp to cone 5 but my kiln failed to heat and shut down at 2075. The good news was that the tests were fine and the robins egg looked great. So, I glazed all the tile and set the kiln on a slow ramp to cone 3 thinking that that would get me close to 2075. The controller showed that it reached 2034 before it started cooling. I opened the kiln this morning everything was warm but I could hold them with no problem. Then the pinging started. The tiles are pinging but I am not seeing any signs of crazing. I did notice that two of the tiles that I pulled have hairline cracks on the back in the exact same location. The other problem was that the glaze did not come out the same. It has less spot development and the color is greener than blue, they would work, they are just not quite as beautiful color. My question is, should I restart the kiln and try for a higher tempature or is that too risky as far as the cracking goes? Or should I just do the best with what I have? And, of course I am under a time deadline. Thanks
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