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  1. Hello, I am 40 yrs. of age, sold my L.A. home, left a prosperous career, moved back to the midwest and fell in love with clay. I am currently in my third semester of ceramics (at a community college) and have found a new passion in life. I have applied to Kansas City Art Institute and am awaiting a response. I would like to learn as much as I can and gain a better understanding of pottery forms and function. I have the time and money to dedicate myself to this passion. For the past ten months my full time job is basically working with clay in the ceramic studio. I am just trying to figure out what direction people take. If I get accepted to KCAI I would probably go in there as a sophmore and it costs $30,000 a year (sure I will get some scholarships, but still expensive), I will come out of there with a great education and a piece of paper that would allow me to attempt to pursue teaching positions. I am told how great KCAI is (I know people who have graduated from there and are currently attending also), but is an education worth $90.000. I already have two B.A.s and I would answer No to that question. But hey, if it is the best place, so be it. Can one with a limited ceramic background, who has two B.A.s in the arts go right into a decent MFA program? Would I want to? Or do I really want to get the B.F.A. in order to get into a better M.F.A. program? Ok. So going the above routes, #1 would give me more experience and knowledge of clay. I would also have a piece of paper that would let me teach (is teaching my end goal? Not necessarily, but it could always be an option). Are there other options? Can someone newer to ceramics, but who has the time to devote, the willingness to learn, knowledge in other fields (cinematagraphy, radio/televison, photography) be of use to a potter and get an education through some type of internship program? Unpaid of course. I have met a couple of potters who are great at what they do but don't have a clue as how to market themselves on the internet, shoot videos, make DVDs, properly photograph their work... so though my knowledge is less on the ceramics end, it is vast on other ends. I can easily afford to by equipment and make my own studio, but then I do not have any interaction with others to learn from. My end goal is to become more educated in clay and learn to become a decent potter. Whether have a degree to teach is not the end game, it just opens another door(though it may be a tough one to get into). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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