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  1. John, Thank you. I completely forgot to mention it will be a freshwater tank. Thank you for the advice, very helpful. Now the question of just simply fired stoneware without any glaze, should that be safe on its own? I am heading over to Robert Comptop's site to further investigates. More questions are no problem, it is better to do research first before potentially harming the fish! (The fish that I don't even have yet). I just really don't enjoy any of the mass produced trinkets and toys to put into tanks.... I'd rather have my own designs in there.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can tell me from first hand experience if hand-made ceramics are safe for fish tanks? I have been doing ample research and finding widespread opinions/advice. The answers have ranged anywhere from "no, you should only use things marked "aquarium safe"/glazed are harmful and overtime will release harmful chemicals into your tank" to "as long as work is fired to cone *insert various numbers, nothing consistent*" or unglazed is okay. And some say as long as glazes are food-safe. Thank you in advance!
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