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  1. Hi I am a potter working in the UK. I am interested in the decline of ceramics over recent years. You only have to look on Google trends to see that it has been on the steady decline for years. In the UK an event started last year 'National Ceramics Week". I have written about this in a bit more detail in my blog. Is there anything simular in the US? The way it works here is there is a central site/organisation and people can register their events, no matter how small. There is promotional materia to download. It started last year. Only 200 potters took part. I am trying to spread the word, there seem to be people or power and influence on this site. Is this something that could be developed in the US, or is it something you guys already do?? Thank you Anne Castano www.annecastanoceramics.com Facebook Twitter
  2. I agree with this from Teardrop 'As a complete noob who is well-described in the above condescention;) ...I just wanted to say that it truly only matters to me that people enjoy what I do enough to buy it and take it home. If that person is you...great. If not....move along quietly, please' In the UK ceramics industry and all of craft is facing a time of turbulence if you type 'Ceramics' into google trends you can see it has been in global decline for years at least in how much it has been mentioned on the web. So any one new should be encouraged we need to recruit as meny newbies as possible. With regards to leaning towards the local it is worth considering that in the UK 70% of makers do not export their wares, and many are focussed on local trade as a way forward for ceramics and craft. This approach could be shutting off opportunities for better sales and a wider reach. Given that growth is occurring in the East and things are pretty slow here, it is essential that makers start to export. BUT it is also worth considering that buying hand made tactile items often requires a thorough handling and examination, marketing would have to incredibly well photographed and descriptive language should be used in order to attempt to secure to a sale to a new buyer over the WWW. I have created a new blog post that continues the debate if you would like to take a look, please leave a comment and follow me if you can! [/blog]
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  4. Hello my name is Anne Castano I hark from England. I am a ceramic maker, a teacher and I have a keen interest in the role of ceramics and its future in Contemporary society. I am gathering information with a view to starting a ceramics revolution. Any support would be gratefully received. Thank you.

  5. Hello all I have posted the first part of my response on my blog and I only got to respond to one comment so far! This will be a work in progress for me, it will take ages for me to work through all of the amazing ideas and suggestions. THANK YOU for bringing this alive for me, your contributions have got the ball rolling I just need to keep up the momentum now. Hopefully if I stir it up enough we will have a full scale revolution on our hands! I will post any further responses here. Feel free to insult me if you don't agree with what I have said. Anne
  6. Wow, I am blown away by all the responses here. The debate is well and truly alive. I was wondering if I would be able to use excerpts of some of the replies in my blog? I will credit every one and provide links to their websites and post a link back here so you can rant at me if you don't approve and I will immediately change it. Cross my heart. The traffic to my blog has rocketed over the past few days and when I look at the stats it appears that most of it is from the US. I just wish I could get more of the stiff upper lip English types ranting and making a fuss and kicking up a stink, drawing attention to ourselves at this moment would not be such a bad idea. The main points raised here so far seem to surround how we define ourselves, maker/designer/potter/ceramicist/ceramist/artist and so on. I am equally confused about my identity it is maker/artis/designer at the moment but these could change order at any time. This struggle with a definition of ourselves is definitely projected out there. I wonder if we appear as a bunch of confused, bearded, not to technological people who like a bit of country air. And is that a bad thing or not? The other point that jumped out at me was 'going local'. I need to spend a morning thinking this one through. BUT I am going to risk putting an un-fully formed view out there. Isn't that just going back to the B. Leach way of doing things? You know, the potter in his country studio providing for his local community. In this post I look at some of the ways our industry has changed over the years, that may raise some thoughts. And in this post I have a bit of a rant about Leach. Could it be that we need to diversify further? Is it enough just to educate people with some clever marketing so that they realise my perceived value of ceramics. I mean people pay extortionate prices for all kinds of ridiculous things that cost nothing to manufacture, and are to be frank crappy. I think I will have to give up the day job, I am spending so much time on blogging and this debate. I have to go and do some marking! I will be back with further rants and more questions. (I seem to have many questions, but no answers)
  7. Hi My name is Anne Castano I am new to Ceramic Arts Daily and though I would share a link to my blog where I am kicking up a stink and trying to generate debate about contemporary ceramics. My latest post raises some points regarding the role of the ceramic artist/ceramist/potter/maker in contemporary society from a British view point. I know that the American market is different and would be interested to hear any views on the influence Leach has hade on ceramics both in the UK and abroad. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Anne
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