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  1. Hello! I just did a kiln fire 06 and I had a vase piece which was glazed in a Mayco blue, and had white cascade glaze at the top, so it would drip down. It did not drip at all. I had cones in the kiln ( I used the cone 06 program ) and the cones looked fine so I don't think it is a temperature issue. Any ideas what could have happened? Perhaps it was not thick enough? Ahhh the joys of being a beginner! Thanks, Jocelyn
  2. I just did a kiln firing, and - unknowingly - the top of one of pieces was in contact with the underneath side of the kiln shelf (the side without the kiln wash). Is there a way to remove the glaze from an un-kiln-washed shelf? I don't want it to drip off in a future firing. Thank you.
  3. Hi! I am new to pottery as well (hobby potter), and recently setup a work area (I don't dare call it a studio ... still too new for that title!). I just purchased a kiln (Skutt 822KM-3), and purchased a Brent wheel about 6 months ago. I have been taking classes for a year with a wonderful teacher who has a paint-your-own pottery store, and also does clay classes. I have to say that I don't think I could have done all the setup and purchasing without her guidance. Her experiences with brands, clays, glazes, firings was a world of help. So if you can find a good resource locally, it will be invaluable. The questions you are asking are quite personal to what you are planning to do. Clays, glazes, production volume ... all based on what you want to do. For your studio, you can google information for how much space you need. Clays are your preference. I still use, what I guess is beginner clay. For what I am doing it serves the purpose. Bisque fire 04. Glazes are also your preference. I am currently using the Mayco line. Fire 06. I use Stroke & Coat, the Crystallines, and Elements. I'm not very artistic, so I do more solid colors and less detailed design work for right now. I hope to experiment more in the future. Kiln size depends on how much you plan to produce. I have a small kiln, which I expect to fire a bisque & glaze batch once a month. Sounds like you are looking to do more than that. In doing my research, you can't go wrong with a Skutt kiln and Brent wheel. I've purchased by wheel and kiln from Clay-King.com. Prices are good and the service has been excellent. Just some thoughts from another new potter. Good luck, and have fun!
  4. Thank you! I do have the manual, and I have the proper holes drilled. I was just looking for some advice from people who use the vents for what they found have worked.
  5. Hello! I am new to this forum, and relatively new to pottery. I just got my first kiln, A Skutt, with an envirovent 2. My question has to do with when to turn the vent off. Does the vent serve a purpose during cooling? Do I leave the vent on during cooling, or turn it off? If I turn it off to let the kiln cool slowly, do I need to open any peep plugs? I will be doing bisque firings at 04, and glaze at 06. Thank you!
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