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  1. Update- released the catch on the kiln lid so no longer an issue with the warped lid, stopping the flow of electricity and took apart the thermocouple wiring- there was loose screws so tightened all back up Have that glaze firing on again, and so far am at 900'c so result! Fingers crossed will continue with no more problems Thanks again for the suggestions
  2. Thanks Bill. I've never seen this product before. Will check it out with the suppliers
  3. Thanks a lot Bill and Neil, Will check the relay, the lid does have a spring that attaches to a mechanism on the relay. Although when bought new, within 4 months the lid has warped so much had to send back to Germany to be replaced. Lid has slowly warped again, I stuff the crack with ceramic fibre and seems to be ok..Thinking that the exploded saggar force may have done more damage to lid (even with 2 x 10kg weights on it (am firm believer in recycle, reuse Bill!) and perhaps messed with that spring on the relay. Opening and closing lid, can see mechanism working... The thermocoupl
  4. Hi I have a Nabertherm eco 45 electric kiln, bought in 2007. Its a small kiln with only 4 elements ( ie 2 elements joined x 2) and a pretty basic controller which can store 2 programmes. Works fine usually, although mostly used for low bisque firing around 960' Celsius. Replaced elements in Feb. 2020, as was needed and did maybe ten 1260' Celsius glaze firings. All working fine as normal, during Covid lock down.. Recently, I put a heavy saggar to bisque at a slow 10 hr climb to 600' and then rising to 1020' normal bisque but it exploded about 250' ish. I put it d
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