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My name is Tanja.


I am 34 years old, and live in Zagreb, Croatia.


In 1996 I finished 4 years education at School for Applied Art and Design, and got my Ceramics Designer diploma. After graudation, I could not get involved in cermaics much, because thise were very difficult times in Croatia, The war was just finished, economics were very bad, so I had to get a "normal" job to help my parents support us.

Now I have my own family, i am mother of three girls ( actually stepmother of two and mother of one), and own small business company with my husband. As time vent by, I started painting and drawing, and bit by bit my artistic spirits have come to life again.


Business become more or less solid, kids have grown up little bit, and finaly in 2011 I decided to go back to ceramics. My husband made me a small studio, I bought wheel, kiln and lots of clay, tools etc. I started from scratch...from begining.


What I like to do? Well, I am very critical about my work, so still consider my self as a begginer, and I am never satisifed with my work. I always think I can do better. That is why at the moment I am focused on clean lines, more or less geometrical basic shapes, when I work on wheel. For handbuilt works, I like to play with surface, but also try to keep it simple in form as possible.


My inspiration comes offten at 1:00 am...or during a business meeting...usualy in very funny situations, so I have scetches of work all over my business papers . I strugle with time, trying to combine, business, motherhood, houshold...it would be perfect if day would have 36 hours instead of 24.

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