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  1. It's two pieces. I'm afraid I don't the skillzz to throw a piece that tall with a narrow neck, heh.
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    Some recent and ongoing work.
  3. L&L has some nifty element holders. Given the choice I would go with that brand for that reason. Kiln elements are like buzz saws on soft bricks. Joel.
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    chatter 6 1.jpg

    My apologies for the late response. I chattered the bowl and the glaze is Roy/Hesselberth's, Waterfall Brown on a red Laguna clay.
  5. I would start with US Pigments. But, whew, scary stuff, well, scares me...especially spraying scary stuff.
  6. Products like this are great kiln stuffers. Another good item is a ring holder; basically a spoon rest without a 'spout' and a stem in the middle. Another good thing about spoon rests is that they give beginning potters practice on spouts!
  7. I do not recommend a Pacifica, we have one that is just a few months old and already we've had to replace the pedal and it feels like the bearings are going out. I don't like Brent for production use, but I think it would be a great studio wheel, and I like their kick/electrics. I know two production potters who love their VL Whispers, I personally don't like the RKs. I know one master potter who is pleased with his Bailey. I like the Soldner type of wheel, but they're a bit pricey for the average potter. Creative Industries makes cheap wheels, nuff said. I strongly recommend trying the pe
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